22 Chores for Four Year Olds + FREE Chore Chart

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Getting your little ones started with chores isn’t as difficult as you may think. While they aren’t going to be quite as helpful as older kids, and you may be tempted to step in and quickly finish the chore for them, hang tight and let them finish.

Teaching responsibility to little kids can help down the road when you do need more help from them around the house. They’ll have a routine, they’ll understand that everyone in the family helps out, and they may put up less of a fuss when asked to help out.

In this article, we go over easy chores for four year olds and stay tuned to the end of the article, where you’ll find a free chore chart!

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chores for four year olds

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Chores for Four Year Olds

Getting little ones involved in chores is actually pretty great for them.

It helps them feel responsible and independent, and it sets them up with some good habits early on.

Plus, it’s a cool way for them to learn how to pitch in and be part of the team at home.

Doing these tasks teaches them more than just putting things away; it shows them how to work together and be helpful to others, and that’s a pretty awesome start to learning about life.

When kids help out with chores around the house, they’re not just picking up skills they’ll need in life; they’re also building a good work ethic and feeling proud of what they can do.

It’s not just about getting things done – it’s about them learning how to tackle stuff and feeling awesome about it.

And, you know what else?

Chores are like the teamwork Olympics for kids.

They figure out how helping out is a big deal, and suddenly, they’re all about being part of the family dream team.

It’s not just about doing stuff; it’s about learning how to work together and make the home front run smoothly. Teamwork makes the dream work, even for the little ones!

So, when kids dive into everyday tasks, it’s like building the coolest base ever for good habits, time juggling, and being all positive about helping out at home.

It’s not just about doing stuff – it’s about setting up a sweet foundation for keeping everything in check and making home life awesome for everyone.

chores for preschoolers

22 Chores for Preschoolers

Keep in mind that these are simply suggestions and you’ll want to use your best judgment for what would be age appropriate for your little one.

It’s also recommended you watch your little one while he/she does the chore and pack extra patience because it’s probably going to go slow and steady but it’s great for your little preschooler to get into chores!

  1. Put Away Toys: Teach them to clean up and put their toys in designated bins.
  2. Make the Bed: Simple tasks like straightening out a blanket or arranging stuffed animals can be a good start.
  3. Dust with a Cloth: Provide a soft cloth and let them dust low furniture or surfaces.
  4. Water Plants: Show them how to use a small watering can to care for indoor plants.
  5. Sort Laundry: Teach them to separate clothes into darks and lights before washing.
  6. Wipe Surfaces: Give them a damp cloth to wipe down tables or countertops.
  7. Match Socks: Have them match socks when you’re folding laundry.
  8. Feed Pets: If you have a pet, they can assist with pouring pet food into a bowl.
  9. Pick Up Their Clothes: Encourage them to put dirty clothes in a hamper.
  10. Set the Table: Teach them to place utensils or napkins on the table for meals.
  11. Sweep with a Small Broom: A child-sized broom is perfect for them to help with sweeping.
  12. Unload Utensils from the Dishwasher: If the utensils are safe, they can help put them away.
  13. Throw Trash Away: Show them how to dispose of trash in the appropriate bin.
  14. Fold Towels: Start with hand towels and washcloths as they’re smaller and more manageable.
  15. Wipe Their Face and Hands: Encourage them to clean up after meals with a damp cloth.
  16. Put Shoes Away: Teach them to organize and store their shoes in a designated area.
  17. Sort and Count Items: Help them practice counting and sorting toys or objects.
  18. Water the Garden: If you have a garden, let them help water plants (under supervision).
  19. Help Prepare Simple Snacks: Allow them to assist in making simple snacks, like spreading peanut butter on bread.
  20. Hang Up Towels: Show them how to hang towels on hooks or a towel bar.
  21. Brush Their Teeth: Supervise as they brush their teeth, ensuring they do it properly.
  22. Match Tupperware Lids: Pair up lids with corresponding containers.
chore rewards for kids

17 Chore Reward Ideas for Preschoolers

You may want to consider rewarding your little one with some of the ideas below. Or, you may decide to not introduce rewards at this age.

No way is the right way, so you’ll want to do what feels best for your family.

  1. Sticker Chart: Create a sticker chart where they earn a sticker for each completed chore, and after a certain number, they get a bigger reward.
  2. Special Playtime: Offer extra playtime with a favorite toy or activity.
  3. Choose a Snack: Allow them to pick a special snack for completing their chores.
  4. Story Time: Offer an extra story at bedtime as a reward for a job well done.
  5. Praise and Recognition: Sometimes, a simple verbal acknowledgment and praise can be a powerful motivator.
  6. Extra Screen Time: Grant a few extra minutes of their favorite educational TV show or game.
  7. Outdoor Play: Let them spend extra time playing outside as a reward.
  8. Art Time: Set aside time for a special art or craft activity.
  9. Choose a Movie: Allow them to pick a movie for a family movie night.
  10. Special Privilege: Offer a special privilege, like staying up a little later or choosing what game to play.
  11. Treasure Box: Create a small box with inexpensive toys or treats, and let them pick something from it as a reward.
  12. Dance Party: Have a mini dance party together as a fun way to celebrate their accomplishments.
  13. Extra Bedtime Story: Offer an additional bedtime story of their choice.
  14. Star System: Use a star system where each completed chore earns a star, and a certain number of stars leads to a special reward.
  15. Build a Fort: Help them build a cozy fort using blankets and pillows for some imaginative play.
  16. Choose a Special Plate or Cup: Let them use a special plate or cup during meals as a reward.
  17. Nature Walk: Take them on a nature walk or hike as a special outing for doing their chores.
chores for little kids

Chores for Little Kids – Wrapped Up

Free chore chart below, you’ll want to click the image, sign up for the newsletter, and you’ll get access to the printable vault!

So, there you have it—17 awesome ways to reward your four-year-old for being a little helper around the house.

Whether it’s stickers, extra playtime, or choosing a special snack, these ideas are sure to make chores more fun and rewarding.

Feel free to mix and match based on your kiddo’s interests, and don’t forget the power of a simple “great job” and some high-fives.

Happy chore time!

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