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150+ Classic girl names (So Vintage and so pretty)

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Classic girl names are all the rage right now. Whether you’re looking for a unique vintage name or a more commonly known name, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in this lengthy list!

Why are parents opting for classically vintage girl names?

Classic girl names stand the test of time, they’re truly timeless, and they can also remind us of a time gone by, a grandma we loved so dearly, or an adult in our lives who shaped and grew us.

There is something so nostalgic about classic names.

Names like: Connie, Aurelia, Zada, Tessa, and many more are beautiful classic options for a little girl.

In this article, you’ll find countless name options broken up A-Z so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

So, let’s jump in!

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Classic Girl Names

Choosing a classic vintage name for a baby girl can add a timeless elegance and sense of heritage to her identity.

These names have endured over decades or even centuries, retaining their charm and sophistication while avoiding the pitfalls of passing trends.

They offer a unique yet familiar quality, striking a balance that makes them both memorable and easy to pronounce.

Beyond aesthetics, vintage names often carry significant cultural or familial meaning, connecting the child to traditions and ancestors.

By opting for a classic vintage name, parents not only give their daughter a distinguished and graceful name but also ensure it ages gracefully with her, maintaining its appeal and relevance throughout her life.

Classic, Vintage Girl Names

Classic A Girl Names

·  Agatha – “Good-hearted” or “kind” (Greek)

·  Agnes – “Pure” or “chaste” (Greek)

·  Alberta – “Noble and bright” (Germanic)

·  Alice – “Noble” or “of noble birth” (Germanic)

·  Alma – “Nourishing” or “kind” (Latin)

·  Amelia – “Work of the Lord” (Latin)

·  Annabelle – A combination of “Anna” (grace) and “Belle” (beautiful) (English)

·  Antonia – Feminine form of “Anthony,” meaning “priceless” (Latin)

·  Arabella – “Beautiful” (Latin)

·  Augusta – “Great” or “majestic” (Latin)

·  Aurelia – “Golden” (Latin)

·  Aurora – “Dawn” (Latin)

·  Adeline – “Noble” or “nobility” (Germanic)

·  Adelaide – “Noble” or “of noble birth” (Germanic)

·  Adele – “Noble” or “kind” (Germanic)

·  Alma – “Nourishing” or “kind” (Latin)

Classic B Girl Names

·  Beatrice – “Bringer of joy” or “blessed” (Latin)

·  Bernadette – Feminine form of “Bernard,” meaning “strong” or “brave” (Germanic)

·  Bridget – “Strength” or “exalted one” (Irish)

·  Barbara – “Foreign” or “strange” (Greek)

·  Blanche – “White” or “fair” (French)

·  Betsy – Diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath” (Hebrew)

·  Betty – Diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath” (Hebrew)

·  Belinda – Possibly means “beautiful serpent” (Spanish)

·  Birdie – Diminutive of Bertha, meaning “bright” or “famous” (Germanic)

·  Bonnie – “Beautiful” or “cheerful” (Scottish)

Classic C Girl Names

·  Clara – “Bright” or “clear” (Latin)

·  Clementine – “Merciful” or “gentle” (Latin)

·  Constance – “Steadfastness” or “constancy” (Latin)

·  Cora – “Maiden” or “maidenly” (Greek)

·  Cordelia – Possibly “heart” or “daughter of the sea” (Celtic)

·  Celeste – “Heavenly” or “celestial” (Latin)

·  Cecilia – “Blind” or “dim-sighted” (Latin)

·  Cynthia – “Moon” or “goddess of the moon” (Greek)

·  Charlotte – “Free” or “petite” (French)

Classic D Girl Names

·  Dorothy – “Gift of God” (Greek)

·  Dorothea – “Gift of God” (Greek)

·  Daisy – The flower name, ultimately derived from Old English

·  Delilah – “Delicate” or “weak” (Hebrew)

·  Della – “Noble” (Germanic)

·  Dixie – “Tenth” (French)

·  Dinah – “Judged” or “vindicated” (Hebrew)

·  Deborah – “Bee” (Hebrew)

·  Delia – “From Delos” (Greek)

·  Doris – “From the sea” (Greek)

Classic E Girl Names

·  Edith – “Prosperous in war” (English)

·  Eliza – Diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath” (Hebrew)

·  Eleanor – “Bright” or “shining one” (Greek)

·  Estelle – “Star” (Latin)

·  Ethel – “Noble” (Old English)

·  Emmeline – “Work” (Germanic)

·  Eugenia – “Well-born” or “noble” (Greek)

·  Elsie – Diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath” (Hebrew)

·  Evangeline – “Good news” or “bringer of good news” (Greek)

·  Eunice – “Good victory” (Greek)

Classic F Girl Names

·  Florence – “Prosperous” or “flourishing” (Latin)

·  Flora – “Flower” (Latin)

·  Fanny – Diminutive of Frances, meaning “free man” (Latin)

·  Frances – “Free man” (Latin)

·  Felicity – “Happiness” or “good fortune” (Latin)

·  Frederica – “Peaceful ruler” (Germanic)

·  Fiona – Possibly “white” or “fair” (Irish)

·  Faith – “Faith” or “loyalty” (Latin)

·  Flossie – Diminutive of Florence, meaning “flower” (Latin)

·  Francine – “Frenchwoman” (French)

Classic G Girl Names

·  Genevieve – “Woman of the family” or “tribe” (Germanic)

·  Georgiana – Feminine form of George, meaning “farmer” or “earthworker” (Greek)

·  Gertrude – “Spear” or “strength of a spear” (Germanic)

·  Gwendolyn – “White ring” or “fair bow” (Welsh)

·  Gloria – “Glory” or “fame” (Latin)

·  Greta – Diminutive of Margaret, meaning “pearl” (Greek)

·  Goldie – “Made of gold” or “golden-haired” (English)

·  Gretchen – Diminutive of Margaret, meaning “pearl” (Greek)

·  Gertie – Diminutive of Gertrude, meaning “spear” (Germanic)

·  Ginger – “Pure” or “virginal” (English)

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Classic H Girl Names

·  Harriet – “Ruler of the home” (Germanic)

·  Hazel – The hazel tree or color (English)

·  Henrietta – Feminine form of Henry, meaning “ruler of the home” (Germanic)

·  Helene – “Light” or “torch” (Greek)

·  Hattie – Diminutive of Harriet, meaning “ruler of the home” (Germanic)

·  Hope – “Hope” or “expectation” (English)

·  Honor – “Honor” or “respect” (Latin)

Classic I Girl Names

·  Irene – “Peace” (Greek)

·  Imogene – “Image” or “likeness” (Latin)

·  Ingrid – “Beautiful” or “fair” (Old Norse)

·  Isadora – “Gift of Isis” (Greek)

·  Ida – “Labor” or “work” (Germanic)

·  Ivy – The climbing evergreen plant (English)

·  Irma – “Universal” or “complete” (Germanic)

·  Ilene – Variant of Eileen, possibly “light” or “torch” (Irish)

·  Isabella – “God is my oath” (Hebrew)

·  Isolde – Possibly “fair” or “beautiful” (Germanic)

Classic J Girl Names

·  Josephine – Feminine form of Joseph, meaning “God will increase” (Hebrew)

·  Jane – “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

·  Juliet – “Youthful” or “downy-bearded” (Latin)

·  Joan – Feminine form of John, meaning “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

·  Judith – “Woman of Judea” (Hebrew)

·  Jemima – “Dove” (Hebrew)

·  Jocelyn – “Joyous” (Germanic)

·  Jeanette – Diminutive of Jeanne, meaning “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

·  Joy – “Joy” or “happiness” (English)

·  Janice – Diminutive of Jane, meaning “God is gracious” (Hebrew)

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Classic K Girl Names

·  Katherine – “Pure” (Greek)

·  Kathleen – Variant of Katherine, meaning “pure” (Greek)

·  Kitty – Diminutive of Katherine, meaning “pure” (Greek)

·  Kezia – “Cassia tree” or “sweet-scented spice” (Hebrew)

·  Karen – Variant of Katherine, meaning “pure” (Greek)

·  Karina – “Pure” (Scandinavian)

·  Kendra – “Greatest champion” (Old English)

·  Keturah – “Incense” or “fragrance” (Hebrew)

·  Kelsey – “Island of ships” or “victory ship” (Old English)

·  Kim – “Regal hill” or “leader” (Old English)

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Classic L Girl Names

·  Lillian – “Lily” (Latin)

·  Louise – “Famous warrior” (Germanic)

·  Lucille – “Light” or “illumination” (French)

·  Loretta – “Laurel” or “victory”

·  Lavinia – Possibly derived from Latin “lavare,” meaning “to wash” or “purify.”

·  Lydia – “From Lydia,” an ancient region of Asia Minor, known for its wealth.

·  Lorraine – “From Lorraine,” a region in France, possibly derived from Latin “Lotharingia.”

·  Leona – “Lioness,” feminine form of Leo (Latin).

·  Lenore – Possibly a variant of Eleanor, meaning “light” (Greek).

·  Letitia – “Joy” or “happiness” (Latin).

Classic M Girl Names

Matilda – “Strength in battle” (Germanic).

Mabel – “Lovable” (Latin).

Mildred – “Gentle strength” (Old English).

Myrtle – The plant name, symbolizing love and immortality (Greek).

Minerva – Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare.

Marcella – Feminine form of Marcellus, meaning “little warrior” (Latin).

Millicent – “Strong in work” (Old Germanic).

Miranda – “Admirable” or “wonderful” (Latin).

Marcia – “Martial” or “warlike” (Latin).

Meredith – “Great ruler” or “protector of the sea” (Welsh).

Classic N Girl Names

·  Nora – Possibly derived from Honora, meaning “honored” or “honorable” (Latin).

·  Naomi – “Pleasantness” or “sweetness” (Hebrew).

·  Nadine – Derived from Nadia, meaning “hope” (Slavic).

·  Nellie – Diminutive of Eleanor or Helen, meaning “light” (Greek).

·  Natalie – “Born on Christmas Day” (Latin).

·  Nettie – Diminutive of names like Janet or Jeanette.

·  Norma – “Pattern” or “rule” (Latin).

·  Nanette – Diminutive of Anne or Hannah, meaning “grace” (Hebrew).

·  Nancy – Diminutive of Anne or Hannah, meaning “grace” (Hebrew).

·  Nicola – Feminine form of Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people” (Greek).

Classic O Girl Names

·  Olive – The olive tree, symbolizing peace and fruitfulness (Latin).

·  Opal – The gemstone name, from Sanskrit “upala,” meaning “precious stone.”

·  Odette – “Wealth” or “fortune” (French).

·  Octavia – Feminine form of Octavius, meaning “eighth” (Latin).

·  Ophelia – Possibly “help” or “aid” (Greek).

·  Olympia – “From Mount Olympus,” the home of the Greek gods.

·  Orpha – “Dark” or “fawn” (Hebrew).

·  Ottilie – Diminutive of Ottilia, meaning “prosperity in battle” (Germanic).

·  Odelia – “Wealthy” or “prosperous” (Germanic).

Classic P Girl Names

·  Pearl – The pearl gemstone, symbolizing purity and rarity.

·  Priscilla – “Ancient” or “venerable” (Latin).

·  Patricia – “Noble” or “patrician” (Latin).

·  Pauline – Feminine form of Paul, meaning “small” or “humble” (Latin).

·  Penelope – “Weaver” (Greek mythology).

·  Peggy – Diminutive of Margaret, meaning “pearl” (Greek).

·  Petra – “Rock” or “stone” (Greek).

·  Phoebe – “Bright” or “radiant” (Greek).

·  Portia – Possibly “pig” or “doorway” (Latin).

·  Patsy – Diminutive of Patricia, meaning “noble” (Latin).

Classic Q Girl Names

·  Queenie – “Queen” or “royal” (English).

·  Quiana – Modern name, possibly derived from names like Quintina.

·  Quintina – Feminine form of Quintus, meaning “fifth” (Latin).

·  Quenby – “Womanly” or “queen’s estate” (Old Norse).

·  Quinlan – “Descendant of Cuinche” or “fit and strong” (Irish).

Classic R Girl Names

·  Rosemary – The herb name, symbolizing remembrance and fidelity.

·  Ruby – The gemstone name, symbolizing passion and prosperity.

·  Ruth – “Companion” or “friend” (Hebrew).

·  Ramona – “Protecting hands” or “wise protector” (Spanish).

·  Regina – “Queen” (Latin).

·  Roxanne – “Bright” or “dawn” (Persian).

·  Rosalind – “Pretty rose” (Latin).

·  Rhea – Possibly “flowing” or “earth” (Greek).

·  Rowena – Possibly “famous friend” or “joyous” (Welsh).

·  Roberta – Feminine form of Robert, meaning “bright fame” (Germanic).

Classic S Girl Names

·  Sylvia – “From the forest” or “woods” (Latin).

·  Susan – “Lily” or “rose” (Hebrew).

·  Sarah – “Princess” (Hebrew).

·  Stella – “Star” (Latin).

·  Sadie – Diminutive of Sarah, meaning “princess” (Hebrew).

·  Susannah – “Lily” (Hebrew).

·  Selma – “Protected by God” (Germanic).

·  Sandra – Diminutive of Alexandra, meaning “defender of the people” (Greek).

·  Simone – Feminine form of Simon, meaning “listener” (Hebrew).

·  Sibyl – “Prophetess” or “oracle” (Greek).

Classic T Girl Names

·  Thelma – “Will, volition” (Greek).

·  Tabitha – “Gazelle” or “graceful beauty” (Aramaic).

·  Theodora – “Gift of God” (Greek).

·  Theresa – “Harvester” or “summer” (Greek).

·  Trudy – Diminutive of Gertrude, meaning “spear” (Germanic).

·  Tessa – Diminutive of Theresa, meaning “harvester” (Greek).

·  Tilda – Short form of Matilda, meaning “strength in battle” (Germanic).

·  Trixie – Diminutive of Beatrix or Beatrice, meaning “voyager” or “traveler” (Latin).

·  Twyla – Modern name, possibly derived from the English word “twilight.”

·  Tansy – The plant name, symbolizing immortality and health.

Classic U-W Girl Names

·  Ursula – “Little bear” (Latin).

·  Una – “One” (Latin).

·  Vivian – “Alive” or “lively” (Latin).

·  Violet – The violet flower, symbolizing modesty and faithfulness (Latin).

·  Vera – “True” (Russian).

·  Vanessa – Modern name, possibly derived from the literary name of an Irish goddess.

·  Verna – “Spring-like” or “young” (Latin).

·  Winifred – “Blessed peace” (Welsh).

·  Wilhelmina – Feminine form of Wilhelm, meaning “will helmet” (Germanic).

·  Wanda – Possibly Slavic, meaning “wanderer” or “wished-for child.”

·  Wendy – Modern name, popularized by J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan.”

·  Waverly – Possibly “meadow of quivering aspens” (Old English).

Classic X-Z Girl Names

·  Xanthe – “Yellow” or “blonde” (Greek).

·  Xenia – “Hospitality” (Greek).

·  Yvonne – Feminine form of Yvon, meaning “yew” (Old French).

·  Yasmin – The jasmine flower, symbolizing grace and elegance (Persian).

·  Zelda – Possibly “gray fighting maid” or “dark battle” (Germanic).

·  Zara – “Princess” or “flower” (Arabic).

Final Thoughts About Classic Names

Choosing a classic vintage name for your baby girl is a great way to give her a name that’s both timeless and unique.

These names have a certain elegance and charm that never goes out of style, plus they often come with interesting stories or historical significance.

They can connect your child to family traditions or beloved relatives, making the name even more special.

Vintage names strike a nice balance between being distinctive and recognizable, so your daughter won’t have to deal with too many mispronunciations or misspellings.

Overall, a vintage name offers a blend of tradition, beauty, and a touch of sophistication that will stand the test of time.

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