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Gutenberg Blocks

Marley is compatible with the Gutenberg editor, and we want to show you everything it can do! You’ll be able to edit colors and font sizes; add buttons, quotes, and so much more. Note that to enable full-width and wide-width content, you’ll need to select the layout without a sidebar. We also made sure that your experience is the same on the blog as on the editor, so the colors and fonts you pick will transfer over to the editor for a smooth experience.

These are Various theme elements

Heading H1

Heading H2

Heading H3

Heading H4

Heading H5
Heading H6

Add a simple paragraph.

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This is a gallery block

You can use the gallery either in standard width, wide width, or full width. You can also add more images if you wish to! This block is great for adding a lot of images to your blog at once. (Friendly tip: use the “rounded” style on images to give them those rounded corners that fit with the rest of the theme!)

This is a column Block

You can use columns to build all kinds of layouts within the Gutenberg editor. They are great when you want to organize your content horizontally. Don’t hesitate to pop images in there as well as use background colors to make it stand out!

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This is the latest posts block

Want to feature your posts somewhere else other than your blog? You can definitely do that! Use the “Query Loop” block to build the perfect feed for your posts.