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55 Fun Kindergarten activities for fall (Super fun and exciting!)

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Fall is such a magical time for kindergartners, full of fun and learning opportunities!

They can dive into the season by making leaf rubbings, decorating pumpkins, and taking nature walks to collect colorful leaves.

Activities like apple stamping, creating leaf wreaths, and making pinecone bird feeders are great for sparking creativity.

Visiting a pumpkin patch or going apple picking makes for a fun outing, while simple science experiments with pumpkins can be both educational and exciting.

Whether they’re jumping in leaf piles, crafting with acorns, or enjoying a fall-themed storytime, there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate autumn with little ones!

In this article, we’ll go over 55 fun ideas for kids in the beautiful autumn season.

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Kindergarten Activities for Fall

Adding to the fun, kindergartners can explore even more seasonal activities that combine play with learning.

They can create adorable scarecrows with old clothes and straw or make corn husk dolls to take home.

Sensory bins filled with fall items like mini pumpkins, leaves, and acorns are perfect for hands-on exploration.

Simple math games with pumpkins or apple tasting and graphing favorite flavors add a tasty twist to learning.

Leaf crowns, nature bracelets, and fall garlands are great for imaginative play and creativity.

Whether it’s a fall dance party, a game of pumpkin bowling, or crafting fall sun catchers, these activities ensure that kindergartners have a blast while embracing all the wonders of the autumn season!

55 Fun-Filled Fall Ideas for Kids

·  Leaf Rubbings: Collect leaves and place them under paper. Rub crayons over the paper to reveal leaf patterns.

·  Apple Picking: Visit an apple orchard and pick apples.

·  Pumpkin Decorating: Paint or use stickers to decorate small pumpkins.

·  Nature Walk: Take a walk and collect different types of leaves.

·  Scarecrow Making: Create scarecrows using old clothes and straw.

·  Fall Sensory Bins: Fill bins with fall items like leaves, acorns, and mini pumpkins.

·  Corn Husk Dolls: Make dolls using dried corn husks.

·  Pinecone Bird Feeders: Spread peanut butter on pinecones and roll in birdseed.

·  Fall Leaf Wreaths: Glue collected leaves onto a paper plate ring to make a wreath.

·  Pumpkin Counting: Count and sort mini pumpkins by size and color.

·  Apple Stamping: Cut apples in half and use them as stamps with paint.

·  Fall Collages: Create collages with fall-themed magazine cutouts and natural items.

·  Leaf Jumping: Jump into piles of raked leaves.

·  Fall Storytime: Read fall-themed books.

·  Pumpkin Science: Explore the inside of a pumpkin and discuss its parts.

·  Acorn Counting: Count and sort acorns.

·  Nature Bracelets: Wrap tape around wrists sticky-side out and stick small natural items to it.

·  Fall Bingo: Create bingo cards with fall items and go on a scavenger hunt.

·  Handprint Trees: Make trees using handprints and paint for leaves.

·  Pumpkin Rolling: Roll small pumpkins down a ramp and measure the distance.

·  Leaf Matching: Match different types of leaves.

·  Fall Garland: String leaves and other fall items onto a piece of yarn to create a garland.

·  Harvest Sensory Bottles: Fill bottles with items like corn kernels, beans, and rice.

·  Fall Songs: Sing songs about fall and autumn.

·  Pumpkin Pie Playdough: Make playdough that smells like pumpkin pie.

·  Leaf Sorting: Sort leaves by color, size, and shape.

·  Fall Puppets: Make puppets using paper bags and fall-themed decorations.

·  Pumpkin Math: Use pumpkins to practice simple addition and subtraction.

·  Fall Patterns: Create patterns using fall items like leaves and acorns.

·  Leaf Crown: Make crowns using leaves and construction paper.

·  Apple Tasting: Taste different types of apples and chart the favorites.

·  Fall Bingo: Create bingo cards with fall items and go on a scavenger hunt.

·  Fall Sun Catchers: Make sun catchers with contact paper and tissue paper.

·  Apple Graphing: Graph the different colors of apples.

·  Pumpkin Patch Visit: Visit a pumpkin patch.

·  Fall Yoga: Do yoga poses inspired by fall.

·  Nature Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of fall items to find outside.

·  Pumpkin Seed Counting: Count and sort pumpkin seeds.

·  Fall Symmetry Art: Create symmetrical art using leaves and paint.

·  Fall Snack Mix: Make a snack mix with items like pretzels, candy corn, and dried fruit.

·  Apple Prints: Dip apple slices in paint and stamp on paper.

·  Fall Dance Party: Have a dance party with fall-themed music.

·  Leaf Puppets: Glue leaves onto craft sticks to make puppets.

·  Fall Wind Chimes: Make wind chimes with sticks, leaves, and yarn.

·  Pumpkin Weighing: Weigh different sizes of pumpkins and compare.

·  Fall Poems: Write simple poems about fall.

·  Leaf Maze: Create a maze with leaves and have children navigate through it.

·  Fall Alphabet Hunt: Look for items outside that start with different letters of the alphabet.

·  Pumpkin Bowling: Set up pins and use small pumpkins as bowling balls.

·  Fall Puzzles: Create puzzles using fall-themed pictures.

·  Leaf Painting: Paint leaves and use them to make prints on paper.

·  Fall-themed Charades: Act out different fall activities.

·  Pumpkin Observations: Observe and draw pumpkins.

·  Fall Dress-Up: Have a dress-up day with fall-themed costumes.

·  Thanksgiving Gratitude Tree: Create a tree and add leaves with things the children are thankful for.

Final Thoughts

Fall activities for kindergarteners are not just about having fun; they’re about creating lasting memories and sparking curiosity about the world around them.

From exploring nature on colorful walks to getting hands-on with pumpkin science experiments, every activity is a chance for kids to learn and grow.

Whether they’re laughing in leaf piles, crafting with natural materials, or tasting apples fresh from the orchard, these experiences help them connect with the season and develop important skills.

So, whether you’re painting pumpkins, making leaf crowns, or simply enjoying a cozy fall story, these activities make autumn a time of discovery and joy for young learners.

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