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500+ Middle Names for Gianna (So Many Amazing Names!)

Last Updated on 01/13/2024 by Nell Marie

Choosing your child’s name is quite the feat. So much goes into a name and your child will carry the name for their entire life. So, when you finally land on a name you love and feel is right, it’s something to celebrate!

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So congrats on choosing the name Gianna for your baby, what a darling name it is!

If you’re here then you must be struggling with finding middle names for Gianna – no worries, I’m here to help.

I am a name geek to be honest; one of my favorite things about my three pregnancies was choosing names for my boys (with my husband’s input of course) and ever since then I’ve been a bit of a name geek.

And so, I’ve hunted down a bunch of great middle names for your little one.

If you keep reading, you’ll find all sorts of name combos you’ll like, and there’s a free name checklist PDF available for download, if you’d like!

So, let’s explore more about names for Gianna and some fun facts about the name you’ve chosen.

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middle names for gianna

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Facts About the Name Gianna

The name Gianna is of Italian origin and is a feminine form of the name Giovanni, which means “God is gracious.”

It has gained popularity in various countries and is often associated with qualities like grace, kindness, and strength.

Famous personalities with the name Gianna include Gianna Versace, an Italian fashion designer.

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Possible Nicknames:

  • Gia
  • Gigi
  • Nia
  • Anna
  • Giana
  • GiGi-Bee
  • Gigi-Belle
  • Gigi-Anne
  • Gigi-Gem

Middle Names for Gianna

Below I’ve broken the names down by letters of the alphabet – this may help you if you would like a particular letter for the middle name.

But, it also allows me to deep dive names even more and research as many options as I can for you.

I hope you find some really beautiful options!

Middle Names – A

There’s just something super sweet about this letter mixed with Gianna as the first name, don’t you think?

I’m especially fond of Adele, Adeline, Arabelle, and Adelaide.

Which names are your favorite? Let me know in the comments at the end of this article!

  • Gianna Amelie
  • Gianna Adele
  • Gianna Aria
  • Gianna Abigail
  • Gianna Alice
  • Gianna Alexandria
  • Gianna Aurora
  • Gianna Anne
  • Gianna Adeline
  • Gianna Allegra
  • Gianna Ainsley
  • Gianna Annette
  • Gianna Angelique
  • Gianna Arabelle
  • Gianna Anastasia
  • Gianna Amelia
  • Gianna Ashlyn
  • Gianna Autumn
  • Gianna Azalea
  • Gianna Althea
  • Gianna Antoinette
  • Gianna Avalon
  • Gianna Adelaide
  • Gianna Agnes
  • Gianna Alina
  • Gianna Averil
  • Gianna Agatha
  • Gianna Annabeth
  • Gianna Amaryllis
  • Gianna Alexandria
  • Gianna Alouette
  • Gianna Arwen
  • Gianna Asher
  • Gianna Avery
  • Gianna Alexandra
gianna middle names

Middle Names – B

This letter allows for some really clever and cute options, along with unique and interesting options. It really allows you to decide which direction you’d like to go in.

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Some of my fav’s in the list below are: Belle, Blue, and Bronwen.

  • Gianna Belle
  • Gianna Blaire
  • Gianna Brielle
  • Gianna Beatrice
  • Gianna Bianca
  • Gianna Bernadette
  • Gianna Blue
  • Gianna Bethany
  • Gianna Bronwyn
  • Gianna Blythe
  • Gianna Bryony
  • Gianna Brigitte
  • Gianna Bellamy
  • Gianna Bridget
  • Gianna Brooke
  • Gianna Beatrix
  • Gianna Blossom
  • Gianna Buttercup
  • Gianna Bailey
  • Gianna Bernice
  • Gianna Bexley
  • Gianna Bernadine
  • Gianna Bliss
  • Gianna Brinley
  • Gianna Bluebell
  • Gianna Belphoebe
  • Gianna Butterfly
  • Gianna Bethel
  • Gianna Bonita
  • Gianna Bellerose
  • Gianna Bronwen
  • Gianna Blythe
  • Gianna Bramble
  • Gianna Britannia
  • Gianna Blanche

Middle Names – C

I searched for vintage and classic mixing long and short when it came to this initial – I’m crossing my fingers you find a name you like!

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Some of my favorites below are: Camille, Catherine, Colette, and Clementine.

What about you? Do let me know if any of the C names made it to your list!

  • Gianna Catherine
  • Gianna Cecile
  • Gianna Camille
  • Gianna Charlotte
  • Gianna Constance
  • Gianna Clara
  • Gianna Colette
  • Gianna Celeste
  • Gianna Corinne
  • Gianna Clarisse
  • Gianna Cordelia
  • Gianna Christine
  • Gianna Clementine
  • Gianna Cassidy
  • Gianna Carmella
  • Gianna Callista
  • Gianna Cora
  • Gianna Camilla
  • Gianna Cynthia
  • Gianna Celine
  • Gianna Celia
  • Gianna Coralie
  • Gianna Cleo
  • Gianna Constanza
  • Gianna Cosette
  • Gianna Camellia
  • Gianna Colleen
  • Gianna Collette
  • Gianna Charmaine
  • Gianna Caoimhe
  • Gianna Carmel
  • Gianna Clementina
  • Gianna Coraline
  • Gianna Corliss
  • Gianna Corrina
cute middle names for girls

Middle Names – D

These middle names are D-lightful and I hope you’ll love them. I’m particularly fond of these D names for your little girl: Gianna Delaney, Gianna Delia, and Gianna Delia.

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Let’s look at these unique and vintage-inspired names!

  • Gianna Dahlia
  • Gianna Daisy
  • Gianna Danica
  • Gianna Daphne
  • Gianna Darcy
  • Gianna Daria
  • Gianna Darla
  • Gianna Darlene
  • Gianna Davina
  • Gianna Delaney
  • Gianna Delfina
  • Gianna Delia
  • Gianna Delilah
  • Gianna Delphine
  • Gianna Delta
  • Gianna Demetria
  • Gianna Desiree
  • Gianna Diana
  • Gianna Dinah
  • Gianna Dionne
  • Gianna Dolly
  • Gianna Dolores
  • Gianna Dominique
  • Gianna Donatella
  • Gianna Dorothea
  • Gianna Dove
  • Gianna Dulcie

Middle Names – E

Something magical about E names for girls, from classics like Emily to vintage like Edith to unique like Esti there’s something for everybody.

I think it flows well with Gianna as well.

Let’s pop into the name options!

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  • Gianna Echo
  • Gianna Edda
  • Gianna Eden
  • Gianna Eileen
  • Gianna Elara
  • Gianna Eleni
  • Gianna Eleonora
  • Gianna Eleri
  • Gianna Elise
  • Gianna Eliza
  • Gianna Ellery
  • Gianna Elodie
  • Gianna Eloise
  • Gianna Elowyn
  • Gianna Ember
  • Gianna Emerald
  • Gianna Emily
  • Gianna Emma
  • Gianna Emmeline
  • Gianna Enid
  • Gianna Eowyn
  • Gianna Erin
  • Gianna Esmarie
  • Gianna Esme
  • Gianna Estella
  • Gianna Estelle
  • Gianna Esti
  • Gianna Eudora
  • Gianna Evangeline
  • Gianna Everly
  • Gianna Evette

Middle Names – F

How adorable would a middle name starting with F be with Gianna? I love the options below and hope you’ll agree.

Some of my favorites: Finley, Fable, Faye, and Fiona!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments at the end of this article.

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  • Gianna Fable
  • Gianna Faith
  • Gianna Fallon
  • Gianna Farrah
  • Gianna Fawn
  • Gianna Faye
  • Gianna Felicia
  • Gianna Felicity
  • Gianna Felina
  • Gianna Fern
  • Gianna Finley
  • Gianna Finnian
  • Gianna Fiona
  • Gianna Fleur
  • Gianna Flora
  • Gianna Florence
  • Gianna Florrie
  • Gianna Ford
  • Gianna Fox
  • Gianna Frances
  • Gianna Francesca
  • Gianna Francine
  • Gianna Frankie
  • Gianna Freesia
  • Gianna Freya
sweet names for girls

Middle Names – G

If you like the flow of alliteration in names, then how about these G middle names to go along with your beautiful Gianna?

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I’m absolutely smitten with Georgia or Georgie, Gentry, and Giselle. But there are G names that don’t have the same sound as Gianna, like Gail, Garnet, or Gloria as well.

Have fun playing around with alliteration with your baby!

  • Gianna Gabrielle
  • Gianna Gail
  • Gianna Galina
  • Gianna Gardenia
  • Gianna Garnet
  • Gianna Gemma
  • Gianna Geneva
  • Gianna Genevieve
  • Gianna Gentry
  • Gianna Georgia
  • Gianna Georgiana
  • Gianna Georgie
  • Gianna Ginevra
  • Gianna Giselle
  • Gianna Gloria
  • Gianna Gloriana
  • Gianna Golda
  • Gianna Grace
  • Gianna Graceful
  • Gianna Grayson
  • Gianna Greer
  • Gianna Greta
  • Gianna Guinevere
  • Gianna Gwendolyn
  • Gianna Gwyneth
  • Gianna Gwynn

Middle Names – H

Moving onto H names, let’s look at some classics and some more unique options of middle names for Gianna!

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  • Gianna Haisley
  • Gianna Halle
  • Gianna Harlow
  • Gianna Harmony
  • Gianna Harper
  • Gianna Harriet
  • Gianna Haven
  • Gianna Havenly
  • Gianna Hazel
  • Gianna Heather
  • Gianna Helena
  • Gianna Hermione
  • Gianna Holiday
  • Gianna Holland
  • Gianna Holly
  • Gianna Hope

Middle Names – I

Middle names starting with I seem to be a bit more uncommon, at least judging by my personal experience.

If you like the long or short I sound, you’ll find both in the names below.

Let’s find you that perfect middle name for your baby girl!

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  • Gianna Isabelle
  • Gianna Ivy
  • Gianna Ingrid
  • Gianna Irene
  • Gianna Imogen
  • Gianna Indira
  • Gianna Isolde
  • Gianna Ilene
  • Gianna Imani
  • Gianna Isadora
  • Gianna India
  • Gianna Iliana
  • Gianna Iva
  • Gianna Iris
  • Gianna Ines
baby girl names

Middle Names – J

Aww, J names – I’m probably partial since my legal first name starts with a J but I do think they are lovely for girls and there are lots of great options.

I love the following to go along with Gianna: June, Janelle, Joelle, Joy, and Jade.

Which are your favorite J names below? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Gianna Jacqueline
  • Gianna Jade
  • Gianna Jaden
  • Gianna Janelle
  • Gianna Janessa
  • Gianna January
  • Gianna Jasmine
  • Gianna Jaylene
  • Gianna Jeanette
  • Gianna Jemma
  • Gianna Jessa
  • Gianna Jocelyn
  • Gianna Joelle
  • Gianna Jolie
  • Gianna Jorja
  • Gianna Josephine
  • Gianna Josslyn
  • Gianna Journey
  • Gianna Joy
  • Gianna Juliet
  • Gianna June
  • Gianna Juniper
  • Gianna Juno

Middle Names – K

The classic K – and what a great option for Gianna.

Like: Keira, Kennendy, and Kinsley.

I like how it flows with the first name you’ve chosen, as well. Do you?

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  • Gianna Kae
  • Gianna Kallie
  • Gianna Kamryn
  • Gianna Karina
  • Gianna Karissa
  • Gianna Kassandra
  • Gianna Katalina
  • Gianna Kaylin
  • Gianna Keira
  • Gianna Kelsey
  • Gianna Kendall
  • Gianna Kennedy
  • Gianna Kiana
  • Gianna Kimber
  • Gianna Kinley
  • Gianna Kinsley
  • Gianna Kira
  • Gianna Kylee

Middle Names – L

Below we’ll focus on the L names, like Lila, Leigh, Lark, Laurel and many more!

Do you like any L names not on this list? Let me know in the comments at the end of this article. I’d love to know.

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  • Gianna Lacey
  • Gianna Larissa
  • Gianna Lark
  • Gianna Laurel
  • Gianna Layla
  • Gianna Leigh
  • Gianna Lennox
  • Gianna Lenore
  • Gianna Leona
  • Gianna Liberty
  • Gianna Lila
  • Gianna Lilith
  • Gianna Lily
  • Gianna Livia
  • Gianna Lorelei
  • Gianna Lorraine
  • Gianna Louise
  • Gianna Lucille
  • Gianna Luna
  • Gianna Lyric

Middle Names – M

We’re about halfway through this list for you, have you gotten any you like yet? I hope so! Remember to stay tuned to the end where you’ll have access to a free name checklist printable!

M names can be practical or beautiful or both at the same time! I think they’d pair nicely with Gianna as well.

Here are a few of my personal favorites: Mabel, Margo, Marina, Marigold, and Meadow.

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  • Gianna Mabel
  • Gianna Macey
  • Gianna Madeline
  • Gianna Madelyn
  • Gianna Maeve
  • Gianna Magnolia
  • Gianna Maisie
  • Gianna Marceline
  • Gianna Marcella
  • Gianna Margo
  • Gianna Marianne
  • Gianna Maribel
  • Gianna Marie
  • Gianna Marigold
  • Gianna Marina
  • Gianna Marissa
  • Gianna Marley
  • Gianna Marlow
  • Gianna Martina
  • Gianna Matilda
  • Gianna Maura
  • Gianna Maxine
  • Gianna Meadow
  • Gianna Melinda
  • Gianna Melody
  • Gianna Meredith
  • Gianna Milan
  • Gianna Mireille
  • Gianna Mireya
  • Gianna Monique
  • Gianna Monroe
  • Gianna Morgan
  • Gianna Myra

Middle Names – N

Below are some classic, some unique, and all super cute N name options for your little one.

Some of my fav’s: Nora, Nova, Novalie, Noelle, and Nella.

How cute would Gianna Nella be? It almost sounds like one name! It flows so beautifully and I’m seeing more and more Nella’s popping up on people’s name lists but I’m not seeing too many that it would be considered popular yet.

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  • Gianna Nadine
  • Gianna Nadira
  • Gianna Naomi
  • Gianna Natalia
  • Gianna Natalie
  • Gianna Natalya
  • Gianna Nell
  • Gianna Nella
  • Gianna Nellie
  • Gianna Nerissa
  • Gianna Nevaeh
  • Gianna Nia
  • Gianna Nicole
  • Gianna Nicoletta
  • Gianna Nicolette
  • Gianna Noelle
  • Gianna Nora
  • Gianna Nova
  • Gianna Novalie
  • Gianna Nydia
  • Gianna Nyla
  • Gianna Nyssa

Middle Names – O, P, Q

I’m combining these as there aren’t quite as many awesome options for Gianna with these letters but there are enough to be listed… you may just fall in love with one of these names!

  • Gianna Olivia
  • Gianna Ophelia
  • Gianna Odette
  • Gianna Octavia
  • Gianna Opal
  • Gianna Penelope
  • Gianna Paige
  • Gianna Pearl
  • Gianna Piper
  • Gianna Phoebe
  • Gianna Quinn
  • Gianna Quinley
  • Gianna Questa
  • Gianna Quiana
  • Gianna Quinlan

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Middle Names – R

Onto a strong letter for names, R.

Names like: Ruby, Raine, Rae, and Rose are strong and great options for your baby’s middle name.

If you like any of these names, you’ll want to print our free name checklist, which you’ll have access to at the end of this article.

  • Gianna Rose
  • Gianna Rae
  • Gianna Ruby
  • Gianna Riley
  • Gianna Raina
  • Gianna Renee
  • Gianna Raine
  • Gianna Rosalyn
  • Gianna Remy
  • Gianna Rhiannon
  • Gianna Rowan
  • Gianna Ramona
  • Gianna Reese
  • Gianna Rosalie
  • Gianna Rhea
  • Gianna Regina
  • Gianna Renata
  • Gianna Rocio
  • Gianna Rosetta
  • Gianna Rayne

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beautiful girl names

Middle Names – S

Similar to R, I find S to often have a strong sound to the names, which is a great combo to the soft and romantic first name of Gianna.

Some of my favorites on this list: Scarlett, Selma, Sable, Snow, Sloan, and Savannah.

What about you? What initial are you learning more toward on this name list? Do you like S? Or do you maybe prefer A or C? Let me know, I’d love to know.

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  • Gianna Sable
  • Gianna Sabrina
  • Gianna Saffron
  • Gianna Sage
  • Gianna Savannah
  • Gianna Scarlett
  • Gianna Selena
  • Gianna Selene
  • Gianna Selma
  • Gianna Seraphina
  • Gianna Seren
  • Gianna Serenity
  • Gianna Shae
  • Gianna Shalom
  • Gianna Sienna
  • Gianna Simone
  • Gianna Skye
  • Gianna Sloane
  • Gianna Snow
  • Gianna Solange
  • Gianna Soleil
  • Gianna Sonnet
  • Gianna Sophia
  • Gianna Soraya
  • Gianna Starling
  • Gianna Stella
  • Gianna Summer
  • Gianna Sybil
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Middle Names – T

T’s are so fun, aren’t they? Names like Tuesday, Tessa, True, and Tatum just make me smile.

Check out this great variety of T names below and let me know if you like any for your baby!

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  • Gianna Tabitha
  • Gianna Talia
  • Gianna Talise
  • Gianna Tallulah
  • Gianna Tamara
  • Gianna Tamia
  • Gianna Tansy
  • Gianna Taryn
  • Gianna Tasha
  • Gianna Tatum
  • Gianna Taylor
  • Gianna Teagan
  • Gianna Temperance
  • Gianna Tess
  • Gianna Tessa
  • Gianna Thalia
  • Gianna Thea
  • Gianna Therese
  • Gianna Thora
  • Gianna Thyme
  • Gianna Tiana
  • Gianna Tindra
  • Gianna Tinsley
  • Gianna Topaz
  • Gianna Tori
  • Gianna Trinity
  • Gianna Trista
  • Gianna Trixie
  • Gianna True
  • Gianna Tuesday

Middle Names U, V, W, X

Like earlier with O, P, and Q I’m combining these initials as there are fewer names I felt would go well with Gianna with these initials, but not so few that they shouldn’t be listed.

Stand outs for me in this list are Verity, Violet, Winter, and Willow.

  • Gianna Ulyssa
  • Gianna Unity
  • Gianna Victoria
  • Gianna Viviana
  • Gianna Valentina
  • Gianna Vienna
  • Gianna Verity
  • Gianna Vivienne
  • Gianna Violet
  • Gianna Willow
  • Gianna Winter
  • Gianna Wren
  • Gianna Xenia
  • Gianna Xanthe
  • Gianna Xandra

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Middle Names Y and Z

And to round out this list, let’s end with Y and Z. You may not think there are many options for these initials, but there are several I think you may enjoy.

Do you have any favorites?

  • Gianna Yara
  • Gianna Yarrow
  • Gianna Yasmine
  • Gianna Yelena
  • Gianna Yolanda
  • Gianna Yulia
  • Gianna Yvaine
  • Gianna Yvette
  • Gianna Yvonne
  • Gianna Zara
  • Gianna Zariah
  • Gianna Zaylee
  • Gianna Zelda
  • Gianna Zenith
  • Gianna Zephyr
  • Gianna Zia
  • Gianna Zinnia
  • Gianna Zoe
  • Gianna Zora

Simple Middle Names

One last category I’d throw in the mix are simple middle names. I love that Gianna is longer and beautiful and think a short and simple middle name may be the perfect mix.

  1. Grace
  2. Lily
  3. Rose
  4. Ava
  5. Mia
  6. Ella
  7. Nora
  8. Lucy
  9. Zoe
  10. Claire
  11. Alice
  12. Sarah
  13. Jane
  14. Anna
  15. Kate
  16. Leah
  17. Ruby
  18. Ivy
  19. Hope
  20. Nell

My Favorite Picks

I adore the name you’ve chosen, simply adore it. I told my friend I am writing this article for you and she agreed that Gianna is a beautiful, romantic, and lovely name.

You’ve knocked the first name out of the park!

I know you’re in search of a middle name and we have gone through hundreds of options already, but I thought it may be fun to go through and choose my top fifteen favorite name combos for you.

Why not, right? The more the merrier.

Do you have a favorite combo from below? Let me know.

  1. Gianna Blue
  2. Gianna Georgie
  3. Gianna Jane
  4. Gianna Nella
  5. Gianna Story
  6. Gianna Bea
  7. Gianna Melrose
  8. Gianna January
  9. Gianna Summer
  10. Gianna Meadow
  11. Gianna Nova
  12. Gianna Junah
  13. Gianna Goldie
  14. Gianna Hattie
  15. Gianna Marilou

More Baby Names? Yes, Please!

The videos below go over even more options! If you’re just craving ALL the names, you will wanna watch the videos.

While you can get name overload, I felt it important to at least give you the options to find more names if you just couldn’t land on something here.

Click here to view more of Mama Natural’s videos.

Click here to view more of Baby Names Sunday’s videos.

girl names you'll love

Names for Gianna – Wrap Up

Gianna is a name that carries a rich history and cultural significance.

Its Italian origins evoke a sense of elegance and strength, making it a timeless choice for many parents.

The exploration of suitable middle names for Gianna opens up a world of possibilities to complement and enhance its beauty.

Whether opting for classic pairings, meaningful family names, or unique combinations, the selection of a middle name adds depth and personalization to the already charming Gianna.

The choice of a middle name becomes a meaningful part of a person’s identity, shaping a name that resonates uniquely with each individual.

Happy baby naming!

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Baby Name Checklist

Simply click the image below, sign up to the free newsletter, and receive access to this printable and many more!

I hope this article has been very helpful and that it’s left you with so many options you can fill up this checklist.

Let me know which are your favorite options in the comments below!

Wishing you the best with your little one.

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