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245 Middle Names for Ivy (Plus Cute Nicknames & Free Printable PDF)

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I know somebody who named their daughter Ivy and it was the first time I’d heard the name used with someone I knew. I loved it! It’s pretty and unique and has a vintage flair with a nature touch.

Congrats on choosing Ivy for your little girl. Now comes the fun, and sometimes just as challenging part, choosing middle names for Ivy. There are so many names to choose from, how do you narrow it down?

I’ve done a lot of research for you and have the names broken down into categories in order to help you find the right options for your little girl.

Along with the middle name options, I’ve included some cute nickname possibilities, and facts about the name you’ve chosen.

So, let’s jump in!

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middle names for ivy

Ivy means vine and has Latin and English origins.

According to BabyCenter, Ivy also has roots in ancient Greek culture as a sign of fidelity. Greek couples were often given wreaths of ivy as symbols of eternity and faithfulness.

And, according to NameBerry, Ivy was ranked 42nd in the US in 2022.

According to The Bump, parents who like Ivy as a name have also liked the following:

  • Hazel
  • Willow
  • Violet
  • Nova

You can find the rest of the names here.

It’s a good name for being uncommon enough but not so much that your daughter will get a double take when she mentions her name.

It’s easy to spell and pronounce.

You’ve chosen a great one for your baby!

So, now the challenging part – finding that perfect middle name for her.

  1. Ivy Adalyn
  2. Ivy Adora
  3. Ivy Adele
  4. Ivy Adelia
  5. Ivy Adeline
  6. Ivy Agnes
  7. Ivy Ainsley
  8. Ivy Alessia
  9. Ivy Althea
  10. Ivy Amelia
  11. Ivy Anika
  12. Ivy Annabelle
  13. Ivy Annalise
  14. Ivy Annette
  15. Ivy Antonia
  16. Ivy Arabelle
  17. Ivy Arden
  18. Ivy Arizona
  19. Ivy Ashlyn
  20. Ivy Astoria
  21. Ivy Aurora
  22. Ivy Autumn

  1. Ivy Beatrix
  2. Ivy Belle
  3. Ivy Berry
  4. Ivy Bianca
  5. Ivy Birdie
  6. Ivy Blaine
  7. Ivy Blair
  8. Ivy Blakely
  9. Ivy Bloom
  10. Ivy Blue
  11. Ivy Bluebell
  12. Ivy Blythe
  13. Ivy Brecken
  14. Ivy Bree
  15. Ivy Brianne
  16. Ivy Briar
  17. Ivy Bridget
  18. Ivy Brielle
  19. Ivy Brighton
  20. Ivy Brionna
  21. Ivy Bronwyn
  22. Ivy Brylee
  23. Ivy Brynlee
  24. Ivy Brynn

  1. Ivy Calla
  2. Ivy Callista
  3. Ivy Cambria
  4. Ivy Camille
  5. Ivy Carina
  6. Ivy Carissa
  7. Ivy Cassidy
  8. Ivy Catherine
  9. Ivy Celeste
  10. Ivy Charis
  11. Ivy Claire
  12. Ivy Clarabelle
  13. Ivy Clarissa
  14. Ivy Clover
  15. Ivy Colette
  16. Ivy Cora
  17. Ivy Cora Lee
  18. Ivy Coraline
  19. Ivy Cordelia
  20. Ivy Corinne
  21. Ivy Cosette

  1. Ivy Dahlia
  2. Ivy Daphne
  3. Ivy Darcy
  4. Ivy Darcy
  5. Ivy Darlene
  6. Ivy Delaney
  7. Ivy Delilah
  8. Ivy Della
  9. Ivy Delora
  10. Ivy Delphine
  11. Ivy Delwyn
  12. Ivy Desiree
  13. Ivy Diora
  14. Ivy Dove
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  1. Ivy Edith
  2. Ivy Elaine
  3. Ivy Eleanor
  4. Ivy Elise
  5. Ivy Ellery
  6. Ivy Ellowyn
  7. Ivy Elodie
  8. Ivy Eloisa
  9. Ivy Eloise
  10. Ivy Elora
  11. Ivy Ember
  12. Ivy Emery
  13. Ivy Enora
  14. Ivy Esme
  15. Ivy Esra
  16. Ivy Estelle
  17. Ivy Ettie
  18. Ivy Eudora
  19. Ivy Evelyn
  20. Ivy Everly
  21. Ivy Evette

  1. Ivy Fable
  2. Ivy Fallon
  3. Ivy Fallon
  4. Ivy Farrah
  5. Ivy Faye
  6. Ivy Fayetta
  7. Ivy Fern
  8. Ivy Fianna
  9. Ivy Fidora
  10. Ivy Finley
  11. Ivy Fiona
  12. Ivy Fiora
  13. Ivy Fleur
  14. Ivy Flora
  15. Ivy Floris
  16. Ivy Flossie
  17. Ivy Freda
  18. Ivy Freya

  1. Ivy Gabrielle
  2. Ivy Gemma
  3. Ivy Geneva
  4. Ivy Genevieve
  5. Ivy Georgette
  6. Ivy Georgia
  7. Ivy Georgiana
  8. Ivy Georgie
  9. Ivy Georgina
  10. Ivy Gianna
  11. Ivy Gigi
  12. Ivy Giovanna
  13. Ivy Giselle
  14. Ivy Golda
  15. Ivy Goldie
  16. Ivy Grace
  17. Ivy Greer
  18. Ivy Gwendolyn
  19. Ivy Gwenevere
nicknames for ivy
  1. Ivy Hadley
  2. Ivy Harlow
  3. Ivy Harper
  4. Ivy Haven
  5. Ivy Hazel
  6. Ivy Helene
  7. Ivy Holly
  8. Ivy Honey
  9. Ivy Hope
  10. Ivy Jade
  11. Ivy Janelle
  12. Ivy Jolene
  13. Ivy Journey
  14. Ivy Jovie
  15. Ivy Joy
  16. Ivy June
  17. Ivy Juniper
  18. Ivy Kaia
  19. Ivy Kaitlyn
  20. Ivy Kalinda
  21. Ivy Karina
  22. Ivy Karissa
  23. Ivy Kate
  24. Ivy Keely
  25. Ivy Keira
  26. Ivy Kendall
  27. Ivy Kenna
  28. Ivy Kennedy
  29. Ivy Kerrigan
  30. Ivy Kinsley
  31. Ivy Kyra

  1. Ivy Larissa
  2. Ivy Laurel
  3. Ivy Lavender
  4. Ivy Lenore
  5. Ivy Leona
  6. Ivy Lillian
  7. Ivy Lorelei
  8. Ivy Lorraine
  9. Ivy Louise
  10. Ivy Lucille
  11. Ivy Lucinda
  12. Ivy Mabel
  13. Ivy Magnolia
  14. Ivy Marigold
  15. Ivy Marlene
  16. Ivy Matilda
  17. Ivy Meadow
  18. Ivy Naomi
  19. Ivy Nellie
  20. Ivy Nettie
  21. Ivy Nia
  22. Ivy Noelle
  23. Ivy Nova
  24. Ivy Novalie

  1. Ivy Rae
  2. Ivy Raine
  3. Ivy Reeva
  4. Ivy Remy
  5. Ivy Rhona
  6. Ivy Rose
  7. Ivy Rosetta
  8. Ivy Ruby
  9. Ivy Rumer
  10. Ivy Sage
  11. Ivy Scarlett
  12. Ivy Skylar
  13. Ivy Sabrina
  14. Ivy Selma
  15. Ivy Seren
  16. Ivy Sable
  17. Ivy Sonnet
  18. Ivy Solene
  19. Ivy Suri
  20. Ivy Selena
  21. Ivy Sienna
  22. Ivy Sunday
  23. Ivy True
  24. Ivy Tori
  25. Ivy Thalia
  26. Ivy Tatum
  27. Ivy Tuesday
  28. Ivy Teagan
  29. Ivy Trudy
  30. Ivy Tierney
  31. Ivy Theodora
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  1. Ivy Veda
  2. Ivy Verity
  3. Ivy Verona
  4. Ivy Vienna
  5. Ivy Viola
  6. Ivy Violet
  7. Ivy Willow
  8. Ivy Wren
  9. Ivy Winter
  10. Ivy Winslow
  11. Ivy Wynne
  12. Ivy Wilder
  13. Ivy Wynona
  14. Ivy Winnie
  15. Ivy Yasmin
  16. Ivy Yuna
  17. Ivy Zara
  18. Ivy Zola
  19. Ivy Zada
  20. Ivy Zadie

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  1. Ives
  2. Ivykins
  3. Ivybug
  4. Ivey
  5. Vivi
  6. Ivyboo
  7. Ivylou
  8. Ivybelle
  9. Ivyrose
  10. Ivypie

Simply click the image below to sign up for the free printable vault!

The name Ivy stands as a timeless and elegant choice for parents seeking a beautiful and nature-inspired name for their daughters.

With its rich history, symbolic meanings, and widespread popularity, Ivy has transcended trends and remained a classic favorite.

Whether chosen for its connection to nature, its association with resilience and friendship, or simply for its charming and sophisticated sound, Ivy continues to flourish as a name that encapsulates grace and beauty.

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of baby names, Ivy remains firmly rooted as a symbol of enduring elegance and botanical charm.

Good luck choosing a middle name for Ivy!

Let me know in the comments below which names you’re leaning toward! I would love to know.

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