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159 Middle Names for Janelle (FREE PDFs Too!)

Last Updated on 03/23/2024 by Nell Marie

Okay, so I know that Janelle isn’t the most common name around but you’re here which means you’ve chosen it for your baby and you’re now on the hunt for middle names for Janelle.

Welcome and you’re in the right place!

My name is Janelle, so I know this name quite well (obviously) and am excited to share with you some facts about the name, and many middle names for your sweet little Janelle, too!

In addition, I’m going to share with you several possible nicknames for your Janelle as well.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump in!

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Meaning of Janelle

Did you know that Janelle is Hebrew in origin and is derived from the Hebrew name (Yochanan) and the meaning of Janelle is “God is merciful”? What a beautiful history of the name.

Not everyone cares about the origin and meaning of their name, but I find it to be one of the meaningful aspects of my name. Your baby may feel the same as well.

Did you know that there’s a famous singer named Janelle? Her name is Janelle Monáe.

meaning of janelle

Possible nicknames for Janelle are:

  • Nell
  • Nellie
  • Nelly
  • Nellbell
  • Nellers
  • Nelly Bean
  • Nella
  • Jan
  • Elle

I bet you’ll come up with your own little spin on the name for your baby girl.

There are more spellings than the more standard, Janelle.

Some of those are:

  • Janel
  • Janell
  • Jannelle

So, let’s jump into the middle name options, shall we?

janelle middle names

Middle Names for Janelle

I’ve broken the list down by short middle names, popular middle names, unique middle names, vintage middle names, and my personal favorite middle names!

Let’s start with the short middle names first as I’m a bit partial to a longer first name and a shorter middle name combo.

Short Middle Names

  1. Anne
  2. Ava
  3. Belle
  4. Bree
  5. Eve
  6. Faye
  7. Fern
  8. Gia
  9. Gwen
  10. Hope
  11. Iris
  12. Ivy
  13. Jade
  14. Joss
  15. Joy
  16. June
  17. Kate
  18. Lane
  19. Liv
  20. Luna
  21. Lux
  22. Lynn
  23. Mae
  24. Mia
  25. Nia
  26. Noa
  27. Pearl
  28. Quinn
  29. Rain
  30. Rose
  31. Ruby
  32. Sage
  33. Skye
  34. Tess
  35. Wren
  36. Zoe
  37. Marie

Popular Middle Names

  1. Aaliyah
  2. Abigail
  3. Amelia
  4. Aria
  5. Aurora
  6. Ava
  7. Charlotte
  8. Chloe
  9. Emily
  10. Emma
  11. Evelyn
  12. Grace
  13. Hailey
  14. Hannah
  15. Harper
  16. Isabella
  17. Layla
  18. Lily
  19. Lucy
  20. Madison
  21. Maya
  22. Mia
  23. Mila
  24. Nora
  25. Olivia
  26. Penelope
  27. Riley
  28. Scarlett
  29. Sophia
  30. Stella

Unique Middle Names

  1. Amara
  2. Astrid
  3. Aveline
  4. Azura
  5. Calista
  6. Calliope
  7. Celestia
  8. Elara
  9. Elestren
  10. Elowen
  11. Eulalia
  12. Evadne
  13. Isabeau
  14. Isolde
  15. Lyra
  16. Maelle
  17. Odalys
  18. Ophelia
  19. Sable
  20. Seraphina
  21. Serenity
  22. Thalia
  23. Thisbe
  24. Valencia
  25. Verity
  26. Vesper
  27. Zephyra
  28. Zephyrine
cute middle names for girls

Vintage Middle Names

  1. Ada
  2. Agatha
  3. Agnes
  4. Alice
  5. Beatrice
  6. Clara
  7. Constance
  8. Dorothy
  9. Edith
  10. Eleanor
  11. Elsie
  12. Esther
  13. Evelyn
  14. Flora
  15. Florence
  16. Frances
  17. Genevieve
  18. Harriet
  19. Hattie
  20. Hazel
  21. Ida
  22. Irene
  23. Josephine
  24. Lillian
  25. Louise
  26. Mabel
  27. Marion
  28. Matilda
  29. Mildred
  30. Myrtle
  31. Olive
  32. Opal
  33. Pearl
  34. Rosalind
  35. Ruth
  36. Sylvia
  37. Virginia
  38. Vivian
  39. Winifred

My Favorite Middle Names

  1. Janelle Annalise
  2. Janelle Cosette
  3. Janelle Elowen
  4. Janelle Emmeline
  5. Janelle Imogen
  6. Janelle Odette
  7. Janelle Verity
  8. Janelle Violet
  9. Janelle Claire
  10. Janelle Story
  11. Janelle January
  12. Janelle Esti
  13. Janelle Alena
  14. Janelle Marigold
  15. Janelle Maribel
  16. Janelle Freya
  17. Janelle Adelaide
  18. Janelle Larrah
  19. Janelle Esme
  20. Janelle Fiona
  21. Janelle Marie
  22. Janelle Avery
  23. Janelle Kinsley
  24. Janelle Della
  25. Janelle Juniper
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FREE Janelle Download

To help keep your name ideas organized, how about a totally free printable PDF download? And it’s beautiful to boot!

Just click the image below, which will open a new page, you’ll save to your device, then open and print!

The size is 11×8.5 inches.

Janelle Coloring Page

And while I’m on the freebie roll, how about a free Janelle coloring page?! Yes! Just click the link and download it just like you did the Janelle name PDF above.

Wrapping it Up

So, what do you think? Love the name Janelle even more now? Walking away from this list with lots of ideas? I sure hope so!

If you choose a name on this list to go along with Janelle, do let me know. I’d love love love to hear which one(s) you’re choosing.

In the end, Janelle is a sweet and unique name and one I think your little girl will love to be called.

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Happy baby naming!

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