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17 Simply Adorable Pregnancy Announcements You’ll Totally Love!

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Sharing the news that you’re expecting a little one is one of the most exciting moments of your life!

Whether it’s your first baby or you’re adding another bundle of joy to your family, finding the perfect way to announce your pregnancy can make the experience even more special.

From creative photo shoots to adorable pet involvement, there are endless ways to let your friends and family in on the secret.

So, let’s dive into some fun and memorable pregnancy announcement ideas that will surely bring smiles, happy tears, and lots of love.

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Sweet Pregnancy Announcements

These ideas can be personalized to fit your style and the message you want to share with your loved ones.

1- Photo Shoot with Baby Shoes

Capture a photo of you and your partner holding a pair of baby shoes between you.

This simple yet heartwarming idea is perfect for sharing your exciting news.

You can choose a beautiful outdoor setting, like a park or a beach, or keep it cozy at home.

To make it even more special, consider using shoes that hold personal significance, like a pair that matches your favorite kicks or ones in a color that symbolizes your baby’s gender.

This sweet and timeless photo will be a cherished memory and a wonderful way to announce your growing family.

pregnant announcement

2- Big Brother/Sister

Have your current child wear a shirt that says “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” and share the picture.

This is a great way to involve your little one in the announcement and make them feel special about their new role.

You can capture the moment in a candid photo or set up a fun mini photoshoot at home or in the backyard.

To add a personal touch, let your child hold a sign with the due date or a cute message like “Promotion to Big Brother/Sister Coming Soon!”

This idea not only spreads the news but also creates a sweet keepsake for your family album.

3- Bump Ahead Sign

Bump Ahead Sign: Pose with a “Bump Ahead” road sign or create one for a cute photo.

This idea is all about embracing the humor and excitement of expecting a baby.

Whether you find a real road sign or craft one yourself, it sets the stage for a playful announcement.

Choose a location that adds to the charm—maybe a quiet street or a scenic overlook—and strike a pose that shows off your growing bump.

Consider involving your partner in the shot, perhaps holding your hand on your belly or standing next to the sign with a big grin.

This announcement not only shares the news but also captures the anticipation and joy of welcoming a new addition to your family.

ideas for pregnancy annoucing

4- Ultrasound Picture

Share a picture of the ultrasound with a caption announcing the news.

This classic and heartfelt announcement idea allows you to share the first glimpse of your little one with friends and family.

Consider adding a creative twist by framing the ultrasound photo with baby-themed props or incorporating a cute caption that reveals the due date or a playful hint about the baby’s personality.

Whether you post it on social media or send it directly to loved ones, this announcement captures the excitement and anticipation of pregnancy in a deeply personal way.

It’s a moment that marks the beginning of a new chapter and invites everyone to share in your joyous journey ahead.

5- Bun in the Oven

Take a picture of a bun in your oven with a caption like “Baking until [due date]”.

This playful and pun-filled announcement idea adds a touch of whimsy to sharing your pregnancy news.

Whether you opt for a literal bun in your kitchen oven or a creative interpretation with a bun prop, this photo captures the essence of anticipation and warmth.

Consider adding personal touches like decorating the oven with baby-themed stickers or including an ultrasound photo nearby.

This announcement is not only adorable but also invites your loved ones to share in the excitement of your growing family as you countdown to your due date.

bun in oven

6- Baby Onesie

Take a photo of a baby onesie with the words “Coming Soon” or your due date on it.

This adorable and straightforward announcement is perfect for conveying your exciting news with a sweet touch.

You can place the onesie in a setting that reflects your style—maybe draped over a crib, hanging on a clothesline, or even nestled among baby toys.

For an extra personal touch, choose a onesie in a color or pattern that holds special meaning for you or your family.

Add a little sign or props like baby shoes or an ultrasound picture to enhance the scene.

This charming photo will not only share your news but also give a hint of the joy and preparation that comes with expecting a new addition.

announce the bun

7- Pet Announcement

Have your pet wear a sign or bandana that says “Big Brother/Sister” or “Guard Dog Duty Starts [due date]”.

This fun and heartwarming announcement lets your furry friend be part of the big news.

Choose a bandana or sign that suits your pet’s personality and snap a photo of them proudly showing it off.

Whether you have a playful pup, a curious cat, or another beloved pet, this idea adds a touch of cuteness and humor to your announcement.

You can take the photo in a favorite spot at home or a place your pet loves to play.

This charming way to share your pregnancy news will not only delight animal lovers but also highlight the special role your pet will play in welcoming the new family member.

cute announcement

8- Pumpkin Carving

Carve a pumpkin with the words “Baby [last name]” and your due date.

This festive announcement idea is perfect for a fall pregnancy reveal.

Gather your carving tools and get creative with the design—consider adding cute details like hearts or baby footprints.

Once your pumpkin masterpiece is complete, place it on your porch or a cozy spot inside and snap a photo.

For an extra touch, you can surround the pumpkin with autumn leaves, mini pumpkins, or candles to create a warm, seasonal atmosphere.

This announcement not only celebrates your exciting news but also captures the cozy and magical feeling of the fall season.

pregnancy accounment cute

9- Holiday Announcement

If it’s near a holiday, incorporate the theme. For example, a Christmas tree ornament with “Baby [last name] due [due date]” or Easter eggs with “We’re Egg-specting.”

This approach adds a festive and personalized touch to your announcement, making it even more memorable.

For a Halloween announcement, you could use mini pumpkins with “Baby on Board” written on them.

During the Fourth of July, you could stage a photo with baby-themed fireworks props or a tiny “Future Firecracker” onesie.

These holiday-themed announcements not only share your joyous news but also bring a seasonal charm that your friends and family will love.


10- Movie Poster

Create a movie poster with your names as the stars and a title like “Coming Soon” or “New Release [due date].”

Get creative with the design by adding fun details like a tagline, production credits, and maybe even a sneak peek of your ultrasound as the “movie poster” image.

You can use a film-related background, such as a theater marquee or a red carpet setting, to complete the cinematic feel.

This imaginative announcement not only highlights your exciting news in a unique way but also brings a touch of Hollywood glamour to your pregnancy reveal, making it a blockbuster hit with friends and family.

pregnancy again

11- Scrabble Tiles

Spell out “We’re Expecting” or “Baby [last name] Due [due date]” with Scrabble tiles.

Arrange the tiles on a cozy background, like a soft blanket or your kitchen table, and snap a photo to share.

To make it even more special, you could add other game pieces or small props like baby toys or a tiny pair of shoes.

This creative and playful announcement will surely delight your friends and family, showcasing your exciting news in a fun and memorable way.

another pregancy

12- Balloon Pop

Have a photo of you and your partner holding a balloon that says “Baby” or the due date.

Choose a beautiful location, like a park, beach, or your backyard, to capture the moment.

You can even coordinate your outfits to match the balloon color for an extra touch of charm.

To make the photo more personalized, consider using a backdrop that holds special meaning for you both.

This sweet and simple announcement will not only share your exciting news but also create a lovely keepsake to look back on as you prepare for your new arrival.

baby announcement time

13- Chalkboard Art

Use a chalkboard to write your announcement creatively and take a photo.

Personalize the message with playful doodles, like baby bottles, tiny footprints, or hearts, to add a touch of whimsy.

You can pose with the chalkboard in a cozy corner of your home, at a favorite outdoor spot, or even surrounded by baby-related items like stuffed animals and toys.

This versatile and charming announcement idea lets you showcase your personality and excitement, creating a heartfelt memento to share with loved ones.

14- Eviction Notice

Place an “Eviction Notice” on your current child’s crib, stating they need to vacate by your due date.

This humorous and creative announcement can feature playful language like “New tenant arriving [due date].”

Capture a photo of your child in the crib, possibly with a confused or playful expression to add to the charm.

You can also decorate the crib with baby items for the upcoming arrival, such as a new blanket or stuffed animal, to make the scene even more engaging.

This lighthearted and clever announcement will bring smiles and laughter from friends and family as they celebrate the exciting news of your growing family.

baby time

15- Books

Stack up books with titles like “Parenting for Dummies” or baby name books, with a sign saying “Reading Up for [due date]”.

This witty and educational announcement idea not only shares your excitement about becoming parents but also showcases your readiness to embark on this new chapter.

Choose books that reflect your interests or sense of humor, and arrange them in a cozy reading nook or on a coffee table.

You can add a personal touch by including a baby ultrasound photo or a pair of tiny socks among the books.

This thoughtful and engaging announcement invites your loved ones to share in your anticipation and preparation for the arrival of your little one.

16- Coffee Mugs

Take a photo of you and your partner’s coffee mugs next to a small baby mug or bottle.

This simple yet heartwarming announcement idea symbolizes the transition to parenthood with a touch of everyday charm.

Choose mugs that reflect your personality or interests, whether they’re humorous, sentimental, or stylish.

Place them next to a small baby mug or bottle, perhaps with a little note nearby announcing your due date or a cute message like “Brewing a new adventure”.

This cozy and relatable photo captures the excitement of welcoming a new addition to your family over your favorite morning ritual.

17- Sports Theme

If you’re a sports fan, use baby-sized sports equipment or jerseys with a sign like “Future [Team] Fan Arriving [due date]”.

This sports-themed announcement adds a personal touch to sharing your pregnancy news, showcasing your passion for your favorite team or sport.

Arrange tiny jerseys, hats, or even mini sports balls in a creative display, perhaps alongside your own team memorabilia.

Capture the moment with a photo that reflects your excitement and anticipation, whether you’re indoors surrounded by sports gear or outside at a sports venue.

This announcement not only celebrates your love for sports but also invites friends and family to share in your enthusiasm for your growing family and future sports fan.

Pregnancy Announcement FAQ

1. When should I announce my pregnancy?

It’s entirely up to you! Many couples wait until after the first trimester (around 12 weeks) when the risk of miscarriage decreases, but others share the news earlier or later based on personal preference.

2. How should we announce our pregnancy?

Get creative! Consider using props like ultrasound photos, baby shoes, or signs. Think about your personalities and interests to make the announcement unique and memorable.

3. Who should we tell first?

Decide together. Immediate family and close friends are often the first to know, but the order is entirely your choice. Consider how you want the news to spread and who you want to share this special moment with personally.

4. How do we announce our pregnancy on social media?

Share a cute photo or video with a caption that reflects your excitement. Consider using hashtags like #pregnancyannouncement or creating a dedicated post to share your journey with friends and extended family.

5. What if someone asks about our plans for the baby?

It’s okay to share as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. Politely redirect if you prefer not to discuss details yet, or share your excitement about preparing for this new chapter.

6. How can we involve our older child(ren) or pets in the announcement?

Use props like “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” shirts for kids, or have pets wear signs or bandanas announcing their new roles. This makes them part of the excitement and helps them feel included in the family’s joy.

7. What if we’re not sure how people will react?

Every family and friend group is different. Focus on sharing your news authentically, and trust that those who care about you will be supportive and excited for you.

8. Should we have a gender reveal party?

If you want to! Gender reveal parties can be a fun way to celebrate with loved ones, but they’re optional. Some prefer to find out and share the gender in a more low-key manner.

9. What should we do if we receive unsolicited advice or comments?

Politely thank the person and consider whether their advice is helpful to you. Remember, it’s your pregnancy and your decisions ultimately. If the same person continues offering advice that you’ve not asked for, you may need to consider saying something to them about it.

10. How can we make our announcement special and memorable?

Personalize it! Use your favorite hobbies, interests, or inside jokes to create an announcement that reflects who you are as a couple and family-to-be. Enjoy the process and share your joy with those you love!

Closing Thoughts

Pregnancy announcements are a wonderful opportunity to share the joyous news of expecting a baby with your loved ones.

Whether you choose a creative and elaborate reveal or a simple heartfelt announcement, it’s a moment that marks the beginning of an exciting journey.

Take the time to enjoy the process of sharing your news and cherish the reactions and support from family and friends.

However you decide to announce, let it reflect your personality and the unique bond you share as you embark on this new chapter together.

Congratulations on this special time in your lives!

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