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Free Printable Easter Bunny Letter (5 Fun & Unique Letters)

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This article has a free printable Easter bunny letter download at the end of it, so keep reading!

An Easter Bunny letter is basically a fun and whimsical note that you can create for your kids (or anyone, really) from the Easter Bunny.

It adds a sprinkle of magic and excitement to the whole Easter experience.

Picture this: the Easter Bunny leaves a cute letter alongside the Easter eggs, maybe sharing some kind words, a bit of bunny humor, or even dropping hints about where the best egg-hiding spots are.

It’s like a personalized touch to make the Easter egg hunt even more special.

Using an Easter Bunny letter is all about creating memorable moments and bringing joy.

It’s a simple way to add a dash of enchantment to the holiday.

Plus, it adds to the mystery and fun of the Easter Bunny tradition.

So, whether you’re a parent looking to make Easter extra special for your little ones or just someone who loves spreading cheer, an Easter Bunny letter is a fantastic way to do it.

Who wouldn’t love a bit of Easter magic to go along with their chocolate eggs, right?

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free printable easter bunny letter

Free Printable Easter Bunny Letter

The Easter Bunny has written five super fun and exciting letters for you to choose for your little ones! All you have to do is click on the PDF links, download, and print from your home printer.

You’ll find those at the end of this article! But first, let’s look at some tips for putting together an awesome Easter basket!

Easter Basket DIY

Personalize it: Add a personal touch by customizing the basket based on the recipient’s interests. Include items and decorations that reflect their hobbies or favorite colors.

Homemade treats: Bake or craft some homemade goodies like cookies, candies, or decorated Easter-themed cupcakes. It adds a sweet touch and shows you put in extra effort.

Themed decorations: Choose a theme for your basket, whether it’s classic Easter, a favorite movie, or a specific color scheme. Coordinated decorations make it look more thoughtfully put together.

DIY crafts: Include some do-it-yourself crafts, like homemade Easter cards, painted eggs, or a small DIY project that suits the recipient’s age and interests.

Unique containers: Think beyond traditional baskets. Use items like colorful buckets, watering cans, or even a reusable tote bag as the container. It can be something they can use again later.

Educational goodies: Slip in some educational items, like a fun book, puzzle, or science kit. It’s a great way to balance the fun with a bit of learning.

Plant life: Add a touch of nature by including potted flowers, small plants, or even seeds for planting. It’s a breath of fresh air, quite literally!

Outdoor toys: Include toys that encourage outdoor play, like a frisbee, bubbles, or a jump rope. Perfect for enjoying the spring weather.

Customized accessories: Add personalized accessories like a monogrammed water bottle, a cute keychain, or a cozy pair of socks. It adds a thoughtful and unique element.

Easter-themed games: Include small games or activities with an Easter twist. Maybe a bunny-shaped puzzle, an egg-themed board game, or even a scavenger hunt to keep the excitement going.

easter basket diy

Easter egg hunt tips

If you want to make your child’s Easter egg hunt extra fun and special, you’ll want to check out these 10 tips below!

Check out our free Easter scavenger hunt printables.

Color-coded eggs: Assign each participant a specific color, and hide eggs accordingly. This ensures that everyone gets a fair share and makes the hunt more organized.

Golden egg prize: Spice things up with a golden or special prize egg. Whoever finds it gets a special treat or a larger prize. It adds an extra element of excitement to the hunt.

Variety of hiding spots: Mix up the difficulty level by hiding eggs in both easy and challenging spots. This ensures that the hunt is engaging for participants of all ages.

Themed clues: Create a scavenger hunt with themed clues leading to each egg. It adds a layer of mystery and makes the hunt more interactive.

Surprise treats inside eggs: Fill some eggs with small surprises like stickers, temporary tattoos, or tiny toys. It adds an element of unpredictability to the hunt.

Easter Bunny appearances: If possible, have someone dress up as the Easter Bunny to make a surprise appearance during the hunt. It’s a magical touch, especially for younger participants.

Time-based challenges: Add an element of competition by setting a time limit or incorporating challenges for participants to complete during the hunt. It keeps things lively and entertaining.

Interactive maps: Create maps or clues to guide participants through the egg hunt. It turns the event into a mini-adventure and adds an extra layer of fun.

Themed eggs: Paint or decorate eggs with specific themes, like superheroes, animals, or favorite characters. It adds a creative twist to the traditional hunt.

Photo opportunities: Set up a photo booth with Easter-themed props for participants to use before or after the hunt. It’s a great way to capture the joyous moments and create lasting memories.

easter egg hunt

Easter Bunny Letters

Ready to download and print off the Easter magic for your kids?! Just browse the letters below, and click the corresponding links underneath any that you want to print and download.

You’ll need Adobe on your computer to open and download.

Each PDF is 8.5×11 inches.

There are 5 letters to choose from, you’re welcome to download and print all five.

These letters are for personal use only.

Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny Letter #1

Letter #1 Text:

Hoppy Easter! I hope this letter finds you surrounded by joy and excitement. As I bounce around preparing for the big day, I wanted to send you a special message. Your kindness and love for all things fluffy and colorful have caught my bunny ears, and I can’t wait to visit your home on Easter morning.

I’ve been busy filling baskets with chocolate eggs, jellybeans, and a sprinkle of magic. Remember to be extra good and share the joy with your family and friends. I’ll be watching with my bunny friends to see your kindness shine!

Wishing you a basket full of happiness and a day as sweet as a carrot.

Fluffy hugs, The Easter Bunny 🐰

Easter Bunny Letter #2

Letter #2 Text:

Egg-citing news – Easter is just around the corner! I’m fur-tunately making my way to your home to spread Easter cheer and leave a trail of colorful eggs for you to discover.

As you search for eggs, remember that each one holds a special surprise. But the true magic lies in spending time with your loved ones and creating beautiful memories. So, get ready for a day filled with laughter, joy, and maybe a bunny hop or two!

Wishing you a delightful Easter filled with love and delightful discoveries.

Hippity-hoppity, The Easter Bunny 🌷

Easter Bunny Letter #3

Letter #3 Text:

Spring has sprung, and Easter is here! I’m sending you a carrot-sized hug and a basket full of warm wishes. I’ve been busy painting eggs with the colors of the rainbow and polishing my bunny whiskers just for you.

On Easter morning, follow the trail of bunny paw prints to find hidden treasures. But remember, the real treasure is the love and happiness that surrounds you. Share your joy with others and watch it multiply like bunnies do!

Wishing you a day as bright and cheerful as a field of blooming flowers.

Bunny kisses, The Easter Bunny 🌈

Easter Bunny Letter #4

Letter #4 Text:

Easter is the time for joy, laughter, and all things egg-straordinary! I’m thrilled to tell you that my fluffy friends and I are preparing a special delivery just for you. The Easter magic is in the air, and soon your home will be filled with the delightful aroma of chocolate and the sound of giggles.

As you embark on your egg hunt, may you find not only treats but also the happiness that comes from sharing and caring. Remember, kindness is like a spring breeze – it makes everything brighter.

Wishing you a day filled with egg-citement and love.

Egg-stra hoppy wishes, The Easter Bunny 🐣

Easter Bunny Letter #5

Letter #5 Text:

Hoppity-hop, Easter is here, and I’m so egg-cited to visit your home! I’ve been hopping through fields, collecting the most colorful eggs and wrapping them with a touch of enchantment, just for you.

Easter is a time for new beginnings, so let the joy of the season fill your heart. Share smiles, laughter, and maybe a bunny dance or two. And don’t forget to leave a few carrots out for my furry friends – they love a tasty snack!

Wishing you a day as bright and cheerful as a sunbeam.

Bunny hugs and egg-tastic wishes, The Easter Bunny 🌼

easter bunny printable letter

Easter Bunny Letter Wrap-Up

Easter Bunny letters for kids bring a magical touch to the joyous season of Easter.

These whimsical messages from the fluffy friend himself not only add an element of surprise but also emphasize the values of kindness, sharing, and creating special memories with loved ones.

The letters are a delightful way to spark excitement and imagination in children, encouraging them to embrace the joy of the season as they embark on egg hunts and celebrate the spirit of renewal.

Through these letters, the Easter Bunny becomes not just a mythical character but a messenger of joy, weaving a tale of enchantment and warmth for children.

The messages convey not only the anticipation of discovering sweet treats but also the importance of spreading happiness and embracing the magic of new beginnings.

Each letter is a unique and personal connection between the Easter Bunny and the child, fostering a sense of wonder and excitement that makes Easter a truly special and memorable time for kids and their families.

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