Gideon – Meaning “mighty warrior,” this name has a strong and rugged feel, perfect for a little cowboy.

Nash – This name signifies “adventure” or “explorer,” reminiscent of exploring the great outdoors.

Rylan – A name meaning “island meadow,” it brings to mind serene landscapes and open spaces.

Bodhi (or Body)– A unique name meaning “enlightenment” or “awakening,” it has a spiritual and serene connotation.

Heath – A name representing “heathland dweller” or “wasteland,” it has rustic charm.

Blaine – With a meaning of “yellow” or “fair-haired,” it invokes natural beauty.

Waylon – Meaning “land beside the road” or “side of the road,” evoking scenic routes.

Lane – Signifying “narrow path” or “by the lane,” it invokes images of rural roads.

Cade – Meaning “round” or “barrel,” evoking the simple and sturdy..

Zane – With a meaning of “God is gracious,” it carries a sense of divine blessing.