130+ Anime Boy Names (Plus Middle Names!)

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Choosing anime boy names for your boy can be a delightful and imaginative way to give him a unique and culturally rich name.

Anime, with its wide variety of characters and genres, offers a huge range of options ranging from traditional Japanese names to fantastical and futuristic ones.

Whether inspired by classic series or more recent releases, anime names can carry a sense of adventure, strength, or even a touch of whimsy.

This trend not only reflects a connection to a beloved form of entertainment but also adds a layer of creativity to your child’s name, making it a conversation starter and a nod to a vibrant and global pop culture phenomenon.

Let’s jump in!

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Anime Boy Names

Before we jump into the name options, let’s look at some of the anime history first.

The history of anime dates back to the early 20th century in Japan, evolving into the diverse and globally influential medium we know today.

The precursor to anime can be traced to traditional Japanese art forms, such as ukiyo-e (woodblock prints) and the early 20th-century works of artists like Jun’ichi Kōuchi.

However, it was the introduction of animated films that set the stage for anime’s development.

The first Japanese animated film, “Namakura Gatana” (An Obtuse Sword), was created by Jun’ichi Kōuchi in 1917.

Anime continued to evolve with the work of artists like Osamu Tezuka, often referred to as the “God of Manga.” Tezuka’s influential manga “Astro Boy” (Tetsuwan Atom) debuted in the early 1960s, becoming one of the first anime series to gain international recognition.

The success of “Astro Boy” paved the way for the anime industry’s growth, and the 1970s and 1980s saw the emergence of iconic series like “Mobile Suit Gundam” and “Dragon Ball.”

In the 1990s, anime reached a global audience with the rise of the internet and the availability of subtitled and dubbed versions.

This era brought about internationally acclaimed works like Hayao Miyazaki’s films from Studio Ghibli, such as “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Spirited Away.”

Today, anime has become a major cultural export from Japan, captivating audiences worldwide with its diverse genres, unique art styles, and compelling storytelling.

The history of anime reflects a dynamic evolution from its early roots to a global phenomenon that continues to shape entertainment and pop culture.

132 Anime Boy Names

Please note, that while we researched each name, we cannot guarantee each origin or meaning and some names have multiple meanings and origin stories. I’d advise you to Google any name you are interested in with “meaning” or “origin” behind it to see all the possible meanings and origins – if the meaning and origin of the name are important to you.

Middle Names – A

  • Akihiko – Bright, shining prince
  • Akio – Man of brightness, man of the dawn
  • Akira – Bright, clear, intelligent
  • Amon – Hidden, secret
  • Aoi – Blue
  • Asahi – Sunlight, morning sun
  • Asuka – Tomorrow, fragrance

Middle Names – D

  • Daichi – Large, great earth
  • Daigo – Great, grand, powerful
  • Daiki – Great glory, great radiance

Middle Names – F

  • Fumio – Scholarly hero

Middle Names – G

  • Gaku – Learning, wisdom
  • Goro – Fifth son

Middle Names – H

  • Hachiro – Eighth son
  • Haru – Spring
  • Haruki – Shining brightly, radiant
  • Haruto – Sun, sunlight
  • Hayate – Smooth, uninterrupted
  • Hayato – Falcon person
  • Hideaki – Shining, excellent
  • Hikaru – Radiant, shining
  • Hiro – Broad, tolerant
  • Hiroki – Abundant joy
  • Hiroshi – Generous, tolerant
  • Hiroto – Abundant person

Middle Names – I

  • Ichiro – First son
  • Isamu – Brave, courageous
  • Issei – One who is righteous
  • Itsuki – Timber trees, vitality

Middle Names – J

  • Jin – Benevolence, humanity
  • Jinpachi – Tenth son
  • Jinpei – Benevolence and peace
  • Jiro – Second son
  • Junichiro – First son, pure
  • Junpei – Pure, clean

Middle Names – K

  • Kai – Ocean, shell
  • Kaito – Sea and sky
  • Kaname – Essential, central
  • Katsu – Victory
  • Katsuki – Victorious, shine
  • Katsuro – Victorious son
  • Kazu – One, harmony
  • Kazuki – One hope
  • Kazuma – One reality, harmony
  • Keiichiro – Lead, excel
  • Keisuke – Prosperous, respectful
  • Ken – Healthy, strong
  • Kengo – Strong, healthy
  • Kenji – Intelligent, wise
  • Kenshin – Modest truth
  • Kenta – Big and strong
  • Kiyoshi – Pure, clear
  • Koji – Radiant second son
  • Kosei – Shining star
  • Kota – Harmony, peace
  • Kousei – Prosperous life
  • Kyosuke – Heroic son
  • Kyoya – Reflective, wise

Middle Names – M

  • Makoto – Sincere, truthful
  • Mamoru – Protect
  • Masamune – Righteous ruling
  • Masashi – Righteous aspiration
  • Masato – Righteous person
  • Mitsuru – Full, fulfilling

Middle Names – N

  • Naoki – Honest, upright
  • Naoto – Honest person
  • Naoya – Honest, respectful
  • Noboru – To ascend, rise

Middle Names – R

  • Ren – Lotus
  • Renji – Lotus temple
  • Riku – Land, continent
  • Rikuto – Abundant blessing
  • Rintarou – Big person
  • Rokuro – Sixth son
  • Rui – Affectionate
  • Ryo – Refreshing, cool
  • Ryoji – Clear second son
  • Ryou – Cool, refreshing
  • Ryouma – Dragon horse
  • Ryuuji – Dragon son

Middle Names – S

  • Satoru – To know, to understand
  • Satoshi – Clear, quick-witted
  • Seiji – Clear rule
  • Seishiro – Clear, clean
  • Shin – True, real
  • Shingo – True blessing
  • Shinji – True second son
  • Shizuka – Quiet, calm
  • Sho – Soar, fly
  • Shogo – Auspicious, happy
  • Shoma – To soar, to fly
  • Shota – Big flying
  • Shuji – Excellent second son
  • Shun – Fast, quick
  • Soichiro – Beginning of harmony
  • Sora – Sky
  • Sorato – Sky person
  • Sosuke – Brave son
  • Subaru – Unite, bring together

Middle Names – T

  • Taichi – Large first son
  • Taiga – Big and gracious
  • Taiki – Big and radiance
  • Takahiro – Noble, respect
  • Takashi – Noble, prosperous
  • Takeo – Warrior, hero
  • Takeru – Heroic, valiant
  • Takumi – Artisan
  • Taro – First son
  • Tatsuo – Dragon man
  • Tatsuya – Achieve, accomplish
  • Tetsuo – Iron man
  • Tetsuya – Wise, intelligent
  • Tohru – Transparent, clear
  • Tomoya – Wise one
  • Toshiaki – Wise and bright
  • Toshiro – Talented, intelligent
  • Toya – Door, valley
  • Tsukasa – Shining, splendid
  • Tsuyoshi – Strong, powerful

Middle Names – Y

  • Yoji – Sun and earth
  • Yoshito – Righteous person
  • Yuji – Prosperous, abundant
  • Yujiro – Second son, prosperity
  • Yuki – Snow
  • Yukihiro – Snow and tolerance
  • Yuma – Helpful, gentle
  • Yusuke – Brave, hero
  • Yuta – Gentle, superior
  • Yuto – Gentle person
  • Yuuto – Gentle, superior
  • Yuzuru – Peace, helpful

Middle Names – Z

  • Zen – Complete, whole
anime inspired boy names

Middle Names for Anime Names

How about some unique and cool short middle name options for anime boy names, too?

Cool Boy Names

  1. Kai
  2. Max
  3. Leo
  4. Jax
  5. Zane
  6. Finn
  7. Cole
  8. Rhys
  9. Jace
  10. Nash
  11. Gage
  12. Blaze
  13. Knox
  14. Drew
  15. Rex
  16. Kip
  17. Dex
  18. Zev
  19. Ash
  20. Cruz
  21. Jett
  22. Zayn
  23. Tate
  24. Cade
  25. Ryk
  26. Kye
  27. Zed
  28. Joss
  29. Kane
  30. Rhett

Unique Middle Names for Boys

  1. Zephyr
  2. Orion
  3. Indigo
  4. Valor
  5. Peregrine
  6. Ember
  7. Quillon
  8. Zenith
  9. Thorne
  10. Solstice
  11. Cipher
  12. Azrael
  13. Seraph
  14. Obsidian
  15. Typhoon
  16. Quantum
  17. Eclipse
  18. Peregrine
  19. Onyx
  20. Lucian
  21. Rune
  22. Phoenix
  23. Cipher
  24. Spectre
  25. Daxton
  26. Caelum
  27. Aether
  28. Osiris
  29. Ragnar
  30. Atlas
  31. Tiberius
  32. Nimbus
  33. Elara
  34. Echo
  35. Gryphon
  36. Havoc
  37. Draco
  38. Zenon
  39. Astraeus
  40. Nereus
  41. Jaxon
  42. Ozymandias
  43. Valkyrie
  44. Sentinel
  45. Orion
  46. Zephyr
  47. Onyx
  48. Storm
  49. Quasar
  50. Valkyrie

Tips for Choosing a Name

Choosing a name for your son is a deeply personal and meaningful decision.

It involves a delicate balance between selecting a name that resonates with you and your partner, reflects your cultural or familial heritage, and perhaps carries a touch of uniqueness.

Here are some tips, along with a glimpse into my personal experience in naming three boys:

Tips for Choosing a Name:

  • Personal Connection: Consider names that hold personal significance to you and your partner. It could be inspired by your cultural background, favorite books, movies, or even shared memories.
  • Meaning and Symbolism: Explore the meanings and symbolism behind names. Choosing a name with positive connotations or attributes can add depth and significance to your child’s identity.
  • Family Honoring: Incorporate family names as a way to honor and celebrate your heritage. This can create a beautiful link between generations and foster a sense of continuity.
  • Uniqueness: While honoring family traditions is essential, don’t be afraid to add a unique touch. Unique names can make your child stand out and carry a special meaning for your family.
  • Consider Pronunciation and Spelling: Ensure that the chosen name is easy to pronounce and spell. This can save your child from potential difficulties or constant corrections.

Personal Experience:

In my own experience, naming my three boys was a blend of tradition, creativity, and family connection:

  • Cultural and Family Blend: My husband and I wanted names that reflected our family heritage while also embracing our desire for uniqueness. We selected names that had familial ties but allowed room for individuality.
  • Unique yet Meaningful: Each of our boys has a unique name, inspired by elements from our favorite literature and family traditions. This balance allowed us to create names that were not only distinctive but also meaningful.
  • Joyful Blend of Old and New: By blending old family names with a touch of creativity, we found a joyful balance. Our boys’ names carry a legacy while embracing the spirit of the present and the future.
anime little boy names

Wrapping it up

Choosing an anime name for your baby boy is a delightful and imaginative way to infuse his identity with a sense of adventure, cultural richness, and a touch of creativity.

The world of anime offers a vast array of names, from traditional Japanese ones to futuristic and fantastical options, providing a unique palette for parents seeking something distinctive.

Selecting an anime-inspired name allows you to choose from a wide range of characters and stories for your son.

This allows you to create a name that not only reflects your love for this form of entertainment but also gives your child a name that is sure to be a conversation starter and a nod to the global influence of anime in contemporary pop culture.

Whether rooted in tradition or inspired by the boundless creativity of anime, these names can carry both meaning and a sense of uniqueness, making the naming process a truly special and memorable journey for you and your growing family.

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