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160+ Unique Names for Girls (Sweet & Beautiful)

Last Updated on 03/19/2024 by Nell Marie

Congratulations on your baby girl! What an exciting time in your life. And now another exciting time; choosing her name. And if you’re looking for unique names for girls that are sweet and beautiful this is the article for you!

This article is packed full of super amazing names, with their meanings, and the origins of the names all in hopes you find the name you know is right for your baby girl.

Let’s jump in!

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unique names for girls

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Unique Names for Girls

There are so many amazing girl names out there for the taking, from unique to popular to classic and vintage to country themed and even names inspired by landmarks!

If you’re here, you’re interested in unique names so that’s what you’ll find! So, we’re going to dive into many unique names and there’s even a section that pairs unique with classic, vintage, popular.

Let’s hop in!

79 Names for Girls

Please note, while we researched each name, we cannot guarantee each origin or meaning and some names have multiple meanings and origin stories. I’d advise you Google any name you are interested in with “meaning” or “origin” behind it to see all the possible meanings and origins – if the meaning and origin of the name is important to you.

  1. Dasha: A diminutive of Daria, which means “wealthy” or “possessor of good things.” It has Slavic origins.
  2. Della: A short form of names like Adela or Delilah, meaning “noble” or “small winged one.” It has Germanic origins.
  3. Nell: A diminutive of Eleanor or Helen, meaning “bright, shining light” or “torch.” It has English origins.
  4. Nella: A variant of Nell, also meaning “bright, shining light” or “torch.”
  5. Nellie: Another variant of Nell, a popular name in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  6. Janelle: A combination of Jane (meaning “God is gracious”) and -elle, a French feminine suffix.
  7. Etta: A diminutive of Henrietta or other names ending in -etta, meaning “estate ruler” or “ruler of the household.” It has Old German origins.
  8. Jane: Meaning “God is gracious.” It has Hebrew origins.
  9. Fern: Referring to the green, leafy plant. It has English origins.
  10. Geneva: Named after the city in Switzerland, it means “juniper tree” or “fair one.” It has Latin origins.
  11. Georgia: Meaning “farmer” or “earthworker.” It has Greek origins.
  12. Juniper: Referring to the evergreen shrub. It has Latin origins.
  13. Ellamae: A combination of Ella and Mae, meaning “beautiful” and “bitter” respectively.
  14. Lollie: A variant of Lolly, a playful name.
  15. Tilla: A short form of Matilda, meaning “mighty in battle.” It has Germanic origins.
  16. Tuesday: Named after the day of the week.
  17. January: Named after the month.
  18. Sunday: Named after the day of the week.
  19. Marivel: A modern name with uncertain origins, possibly a combination of Mary and Evelyn.
  20. Ivalee: A combination of Iva (meaning “yew”) and Lee (meaning “meadow” or “clearing”). It has English origins.
  21. Maris: Meaning “of the sea.” It has Latin origins.
  22. Elta: A feminine name with uncertain origins.
  23. Alena: A variation of Elena or Helena, meaning “bright, shining light” or “torch.” It has Greek origins.
  24. Wren: Referring to the small bird. It has English origins.
  25. Sylvie: A French name meaning “wood” or “wild.” It is the feminine form of Sylvester.
  26. Gertie: A diminutive of Gertrude, meaning “spear of strength.” It has Germanic origins.
  27. Chessie: A diminutive of names like Frances or Chesapeake.
  28. Opal: Named after the gemstone opal.
  29. Xanthe: Meaning “yellow” or “golden.” It has Greek origins.
  30. June: Named after the month.
  31. Posie: A variant of Posy, referring to a small bouquet of flowers.
  32. Ellis: Meaning “benevolent” or “kindly.” It has Welsh origins.
  33. Elora: A modern name with uncertain origins.
  34. Ellowyn: A variation of Elowen, meaning “elm tree.”
  35. Shiloh: Meaning “peace” or “tranquil.” It has Hebrew origins.
  36. Lois: Meaning “superior” or “better.” It has Greek origins.
  37. Eleni: A variation of Elena or Helen, meaning “bright, shining light” or “torch.” It has Greek origins.
  38. Leonora: A combination of Leo (meaning “lion”) and Nora (meaning “light”). It has Greek origins.
  39. Elowen: Meaning “elm tree.” It has Cornish origins.
  40. Marigold: Named after the flower.
  41. Marlow: Meaning “driftwood” or “remnants of a lake.” It has Old English origins.
  42. Lottie: A diminutive of Charlotte, meaning “free man.” It has French origins.
  43. Cosette: Meaning “little thing” or “petite.” It has French origins.
  44. Sunny: Referring to brightness and cheerfulness.
  45. Birdie: A diminutive of Bird, referring to a bird.
  46. Ruby: Named after the gemstone ruby.
  47. Elsie: A diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is an oath” or “consecrated to God.”
  48. Elodie: Meaning “foreign riches” or “wealth.” It has French origins.
  49. Maribel: A combination of Maria (meaning “bitter” or “beloved”) and Isabel (meaning “pledged to God”). It has Spanish origins.
  50. Farrah: Meaning “joy” or “happiness.” It has Arabic origins.
  51. Freya: The name of the Norse goddess of love and fertility.
  52. Ainsley: Meaning “one’s own meadow.” It has Scottish origins.
  53. Winnie: A diminutive of Winifred, meaning “blessed peacemaking.” It has Welsh origins.
  54. Sadie: A diminutive of Sarah, meaning “princess” or “noblewoman.” It has Hebrew origins.
  55. Story: Referring to a narrative or tale.
  56. Corinne: A French name meaning “maiden” or “maiden-like.”
  57. Rowyn: A modern name with uncertain origins.
  58. Luella: A combination of Louise (meaning “renowned warrior”) and Ella (meaning “beautiful”). It has English origins.
  59. Rena: A short form of names like Serena, meaning “serene” or “calm.” It has Latin origins.
  60. Cambrie: A modern name with uncertain origins.
  61. Clover: Named after the plant.
  62. Ula: Of Irish origin, meaning “gem of the sea” or “apricot.”
  63. Blair: Meaning “plain” or “field.” It has Scottish origins.
  64. Eleni (repeated): A variation of Elena or Helen, meaning “bright, shining light” or “torch.” It has Greek origins.
  65. Carys: A Welsh name meaning “love.”
  66. Carrigan: Of Irish origin, meaning “little rock.”
  67. Plum: Named after the fruit.
  68. Adelaide: Meaning “noble” or “nobility.” It has Germanic origins.
  69. Tuesday (repeated): Named after the day of the week.
  70. Cassidy: An Irish surname turned given name, meaning “curly-haired” or “clever.”
  71. Cassie: A diminutive of Cassandra or Cassiopeia, meaning “she who entangles men” or “vain queen.”
  72. Luna: Meaning “moon” in Latin.
  73. Pia: Meaning “pious” or “devout” in Latin.
  74. Larrah: A variant of Laura, meaning “bay laurel” or “victory.”
  75. Hadley: Meaning “heathery meadow.” It has English origins.
  76. Odette: A French name meaning “wealth” or “fortune.”
  77. Alora: A modern name with uncertain origins.
  78. Anisa: An Arabic name meaning “friendly” or “companion.”
  79. Callista: Meaning “most beautiful” in Greek.
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35 Unique Vintage Names

  1. Adelaide
    • Meaning: “Noble” or “nobility.”
    • Origin: Germanic.
  2. Clementine
    • Meaning: “Mild” or “merciful.”
    • Origin: Latin.
  3. Eulalia
    • Meaning: “Sweetly speaking” or “well-spoken.”
    • Origin: Greek.
  4. Genevieve
    • Meaning: “Woman of the race” or “white wave.”
    • Origin: French.
  5. Harriet
    • Meaning: “Home ruler” or “estate ruler.”
    • Origin: Germanic.
  6. Isadora
    • Meaning: “Gift of Isis” or “gifted with beauty.”
    • Origin: Greek.
  7. Lenora
    • Meaning: “Light” or “torch.”
    • Origin: Greek.
  8. Magnolia
    • Meaning: Named after the flower magnolia.
    • Origin: Latin.
  9. Ophelia
    • Meaning: “Help” or “aid.”
    • Origin: Greek.
  10. Prudence
    • Meaning: “Cautious” or “wise.”
    • Origin: Latin.
  11. Rowena
    • Meaning: “Famous friend” or “joyful.”
    • Origin: Old English.
  12. Tabitha
    • Meaning: “Gazelle” or “graceful beauty.”
    • Origin: Aramaic.
  13. Veronica
    • Meaning: “True image” or “she who brings victory.”
    • Origin: Greek.
  14. Winifred
    • Meaning: “Blessed peacemaking” or “holy and blessed.”
    • Origin: Welsh.
  15. Imelda
    • Meaning: “Whole battle” or “universal battle.”
    • Origin: Germanic.
  16. Agatha
    • Meaning: “Good” or “kind.”
    • Origin: Greek.
  17. Cornelia
    • Meaning: “Horn” or “victory.”
    • Origin: Latin.
  18. Sybil
    • Meaning: “Prophetess” or “oracle.”
    • Origin: Greek.
  19. Winona
    • Meaning: “Firstborn daughter” or “eldest daughter.”
    • Origin: Dakota Sioux.
  20. Elowen
    • Meaning: “Elm tree.”
    • Origin: Cornish.
  21. Miriam
    • Meaning: “Beloved” or “wished for child.”
    • Origin: Hebrew.
  22. Seraphina
    • Meaning: “Fiery” or “burning ones.”
    • Origin: Hebrew.
  23. Edith
    • Meaning: “Prosperous in war” or “spoils of war.”
    • Origin: Old English.
  24. Florence
    • Meaning: “Prosperous” or “blossoming.”
    • Origin: Latin.
  25. Estelle
    • Meaning: “Star” or “heavenly.”
    • Origin: Latin.
  26. Thalia
    • Meaning: “Blooming” or “to flourish.”
    • Origin: Greek.
  27. Dorothy
    • Meaning: “Gift of God” or “God’s gift.”
    • Origin: Greek.
  28. Millicent
    • Meaning: “Strong in work” or “industrious.”
    • Origin: Old German.
  29. Gwendolyn
    • Meaning: “Fair” or “blessed ring.”
    • Origin: Welsh.
  30. Mabel
    • Meaning: “Lovable” or “dear.”
    • Origin: Latin.
  31. Hazel
    • Meaning: Named after the hazel tree or the color.
    • Origin: Old English.
  32. Octavia
    • Meaning: “Eighth” or “eighth-born.”
    • Origin: Latin.
  33. Rosamund
    • Meaning: “Horse protector” or “rose of the world.”
    • Origin: Old German.
  34. Cecilia
    • Meaning: “Blind” or “way for the blind.”
    • Origin: Latin.
  35. Aurelia
    • Meaning: “Golden” or “the golden one.”
    • Origin: Latin.

50 Popular Unique Names for Girls

  • Aria
  • Luna
  • Evelina
  • Isolde
  • Zara
  • Nova
  • Aurora
  • Elara
  • Seraphia
  • Cleo
  • Lyra
  • Vivienne
  • Athena
  • Isla
  • Maeve
  • Zephyra
  • Eliora
  • Azura
  • Anya
  • Esme
  • Oriana
  • Mila
  • Ember
  • Avalon
  • Fiona
  • Lila
  • Soraya
  • Ivy
  • Amara
  • Calista
  • Selene
  • Dahlia
  • Astrid
  • Juniper
  • Nola
  • Thea
  • Adaline
  • Catalina
  • Iliad
  • Kaiya
  • Nyx
  • Indira
  • Elysia
  • Mira
  • Veda
  • Elara
  • Zinnia
  • Olive
  • Aya
  • Lumina
unique and cool baby girl names

Baby Naming Tips

I know that naming your baby is a really big deal and comes with a lot of thought and research but you may still be stumbling through the process of how to choose the name.

Below are a few tips that helped me when I was naming my three sons. I hope they will help you.

Meaning and Significance:

  • Consider the meaning of the name. Choose a name that holds significance or has a positive meaning for you and your family.
  • Look into cultural or historical meanings that resonate with you.

Personal Connection:

  • Choose a name that has personal significance or a connection to your family history, heritage, or personal experiences.

Pronunciation and Spelling:

  • Opt for a name that is easy to pronounce and spell. This can help avoid confusion and potential challenges for your child.

Consider the Full Name:

  • Think about how the first name pairs with the last name. Consider the flow and rhythm of the full name.

Future Considerations:

  • Think about how the name might suit your child at different stages of life, from infancy to adulthood.
  • Consider the potential for the name to be professional and age-appropriate.

Say It Aloud:

  • Say the name aloud to check for the way it sounds. Consider how it might be spoken in different situations.

Consider Sibling Names:

  • If you have other children, think about how the new name will complement or contrast with their names.

Wait Until You Meet Your Baby:

  • Some parents prefer to wait until they meet their baby before deciding on a name. This can help you choose a name that feels right for your child’s personality.
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Wrapping it up

So there you have it—plenty of cool and unique names for your little girl.

Whether you’re into the classics or leaning towards the more unconventional, the options are endless.

Just remember, picking a name is a personal journey, so take your time and find something that feels right for you and your family.

After all, it’s not about impressing the world with an out-of-the-box name; it’s about choosing something that resonates with you and will hopefully make your daughter smile every time she hears it.

Happy naming!

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