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160 Elegant Female Names (Perfect for Baby Girls!)

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Last Updated on 06/04/2024 by Nell Marie

Hello there, fellow moms and soon-to-be parents!

As a mom navigating the wonderful journey of raising a child, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of every little detail, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

Today, let’s delve into the delightful world of elegant female names – those timeless, sophisticated monikers that carry a touch of grace and charm.

Join me as we explore the art of selecting a name that not only resonates with our hearts but also adds a dash of elegance to our precious daughters’ lives.

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elegant female names

Tips for choosing a name for your baby

When I was choosing names for my boys, I only had books as my go-to – yes, I’m dating myself. Although my children aren’t grown adults, they are grown teens, and there just wasn’t as much available back then.

So, with books and these tips, I was able to choose three names that felt perfect and just right.

I knew I wanted names that were short, to go with our long last name, and I wanted meaningful middle names with family meaning.

And, I found that naming my first and second was easier than naming my third son. So, some babies will be easier to name than others. This could be because you’ve already chosen your favorite names for your kids and the more babies you have the harder it becomes.

But this is where these tips coming into play!

Happy baby naming! And stay tuned for the list of elegant baby girl names.

Consider Meaning and Significance:

  • Look into the meanings of potential names. Choose one that holds personal or cultural significance for you and your family.

Check Initials and Nicknames:

  • Consider the initials the name would create and any potential nicknames.

Consider Sibling Compatibility:

  • If you have other children, think about how the new baby’s name will sound alongside their siblings’ names. You might want a set of names that complement each other.

Factor in Family and Cultural Heritage:

  • Explore family names or names that reflect your cultural heritage. This can be a wonderful way to honor your roots and create a sense of continuity.

Think About Long-Term Use:

  • Picture the name in different stages of your child’s life. A name that’s cute for a baby might not suit a teenager or an adult.

Consider Popularity:

  • Be mindful of the name’s popularity. While a trendy name might be appealing, it could also mean your child shares a name with several others in their class.

Check for Unintended Associations:

  • Research the name to ensure there are no negative or unintended associations. You want your child to have a name that brings positive feelings.

Listen to Your Instincts:

  • Trust your instincts. If a name feels right and resonates with you, it’s likely a good choice.

Test It Out:

  • Say the name out loud, and consider how it feels when you use it regularly. This can help you determine if it flows well and if you truly like the sound of it.

Get Feedback:

  • Share potential names with friends or family, but keep in mind that everyone may have different opinions. Ultimately, the decision is yours.

Be Open to Compromise:

  • If you and your partner have different preferences, be open to compromise. Finding a name that you both love can strengthen your connection to it.

Elegant Female Names

Please note, while we researched each name, we cannot guarantee each origin or meaning and some names have multiple meanings and origin stories. I’d advise you Google any name you are interested in with “meaning” or “origin” behind it to see all the possible meanings and origins – if the meaning and origin of the name is important to you.

85 Elegant Names

Adeline: Noble

Alessandra: Defender of the People

Allegra: Joyful, Lively

Amalthea: Tender Goddess

Amelie: Hardworking

Amorette: Little Love

Anastasia: Resurrection

Annabelle: Graceful, Beautiful

Annalise: Graced with God’s Bounty

Anneliese: Graced with God’s Bounty

Antoinette: Highly Praiseworthy

Arabella: Beautiful Lion

Arianne: Very Holy One

Aurelia: Golden

Aveline: Hazelnut

Calista: Most Beautiful

Camille: Perfect

Cecilia: Blind (but also associated with music and the arts)

Celeste: Heavenly

Celestine: Heavenly

Celine: Heavenly

Clarisse: Bright, Clear

Clementine: Mild, Merciful

Coralie: Little Maiden

Cordelia: Daughter of the Sea

Cosette: Little Thing

Elara: Bright, Shining One

Eleonora: Light, Torch

Elestren: Little Star

Elodie: Marsh Flower

Elowen: Elm Tree

Elysia: Blissful, Beautiful

Elysian: Blissful, Beautiful

Emmeline: Work, Industrious

Estelle: Star

Eulalia: Well Spoken

Evangeline: Messenger of Good News

Genevieve: Tribe Woman

Giselle: Pledge, Hostage

Guinevere: Fair, White, Smooth

Gwendolyn: Fair, Blessed Ring

Imogen: Innocent

Isabeau: God is My Oath

Isabella: God is My Oath

Isadora: Gift of Isis

Isla: Island

Isolde: Fair, Beautiful

Isolde: Fair, Beautiful

Josephine: God will Add

Juliette: Youthful

Lavinia: Purity

Lillian: Lily

Linnea: Lime Tree

Lorraine: Kingdom of Lothar

Lucienne: Light

Lucinda: Light

Lysandra: Liberator of Men

Magnolia: Flower Named for Pierre Magnol

Marceline: Little Warrior

Marguerite: Daisy

Marigold: Mary’s Gold

Melisande: Strength, Strong Work

Octavia: Eighth

Odalys: Wealthy, Prosperous

Odessa: Wrathful

Odette: Wealthy

Ondine: Little Wave

Ophelia: Help

Penelope: Weaver

Persephone: Bringer of Destruction

Rosalind: Pretty Rose

Rosamund: Horse Protector

Serafina: Seraphim, Angelic

Seraphina: Seraphim, Angelic

Seraphine: Seraphim, Angelic

Serenella: Serene, Calm

Serenity: Peaceful Disposition

Thalassa: Sea

Theodora: Gift of God

Valentina: Strong, Vigorous, Healthy

Verity: Truth

Victoria: Victory

Vivianne: Alive

elegant baby names

25 Vintage Girl Names

Alice: Noble, Truth

Beatrice: Bringer of Joy, Blessed

Clara: Clear, Bright

Edith: Prosperous in War

Florence: Flourishing, Prosperous

Gertrude: Spear of Strength

Harriet: Home Ruler

Irene: Peace

Mabel: Lovable

Matilda: Mighty in Battle

Olive: Olive Tree

Pearl: Precious Gem

Ruth: Compassionate Friend

Agnes: Pure, Chaste

Esther: Star

Frances: Free, From France

Henrietta: Ruler of the Household

Hilda: Battle Woman

Dorothy: Gift of God

Mildred: Gentle Strength

Lillian: Lily

Viola: Violet

Winifred: Blessed Peacemaking

Elsie: Pledged to God

Agatha: Good, Kind

25 Interesting, Long Names

Seraphimina: Derived from “seraphim,” meaning fiery or burning ones, often associated with angelic beings.

Evadneabella: A combination of “Evadne,” a mythical Greek name, and “bella,” meaning beautiful.

Opheliana: A variation of “Ophelia,” which might be associated with help or aid.

Callistaphine: A blend of “Callista,” meaning most beautiful, and a creative extension.

Persephonique: Inspired by “Persephone,” the Greek goddess of the underworld.

Isoldevera: A combination of “Isolde,” a beautiful name with Celtic origins, and “vera,” meaning truth.

Eleutherianne: Derived from “eleutheria,” meaning freedom or liberty.

Aramintalouise: A combination of “Araminta,” of uncertain origin, and “Louise,” meaning renowned warrior.

Melisandrine: A variation of “Melisande,” meaning strong in work or industrious.

Jessamynaria: A creative combination of “Jessamyn” and a unique ending.

Theodosianelle: Derived from “Theodosia,” meaning given by God, with an added feminine touch.

Cordeliarose: A combination of “Cordelia,” meaning daughter of the sea, and “rose,” a flower name.

Amabelletta: A variation of “Amabel,” meaning lovable.

Valerianarae: A combination of “Valeriana” and an elegant ending, possibly associated with the valerian plant.

Marcellavienne: A combination of “Marcella,” a feminine form of Marcus, and an elegant ending.

Isadorabella: A fusion of “Isadora,” meaning gift of Isis, and “bella,” meaning beautiful.

Elysianara: A combination of “Elysia,” meaning blissful or heavenly, and a creative ending.

Serenitynoble: Combining “Serenity,” meaning peaceful disposition, with an added touch of nobility.

Calypsothalia: A blend of “Calypso,” a mythological nymph, and “Thalia,” meaning blooming or flourishing.

Anastellarae: A creative combination of “Anastella” and an elegant ending.

Quinlaniabelle: A unique combination, possibly inspired by “Quinn” and “Isabelle.”

Amaryllisthorne: Combining “Amaryllis,” a beautiful flower, with “thorne” for a distinctive touch.

Sophronialea: A blend of “Sophronia,” meaning self-controlled, and a creative ending.

Galadrielwynn: A unique combination, possibly inspired by the character Galadriel and “wynn,” meaning fair or blessed.

Octaviamarielle: A fusion of “Octavia,” meaning eighth, and “Marielle,” a variation of Mary meaning bitter or beloved.

elegant baby girl names

25 Short Elegant Names

Ava: Life, Living

Mia: Mine, Bitter

Zoe: Life

Ivy: Ivy plant, symbolic of fidelity and eternal life

Ruby: Red gemstone

Ella: Light, Beautiful Fairy

Lily: Lily flower, symbolizing purity and renewal

Grace: Elegance, Charm

Nia: Purpose

Jade: Precious Green Stone

Claire: Clear, Bright

Maya: Illusion, Dream

Rose: Rose flower, symbolizing love and beauty

Ada: Noble, Nobility

Tess: Harvester

Elle: She, light

Pearl: Precious Gem

Liv: Life

Eve: Life, Living

Jane: God is Gracious

Belle: Beautiful

Fern: Fern plant, symbolizing sincerity and confidence

Faye: Fairy, Enchanting

Hope: Hope, Optimism

Kate: Pure

Baby Naming Advice from the Pros

If you are stuck on a name and need some help narrowing it down, or even getting a significant other on board with the names you love, below are some tips you may like.

But please remember, naming your baby is ultimately your decision, even the best advice from the most well meaning people may not be the best advice for you. You get to pick and choose the advice and the baby names!

HappiestBaby says: “When it comes to the unique approach, you may want to try it out first. Go to a coffee shop and give the barista your name of choice. How does it sound when they call it out? Did they mispronounce it? Was it spelled correctly?”

TheTot says: “Trends to avoid include grossly misspelled names (think Jakxsen and Rybekkah), random punctuation that serves no purpose (Prin’cess and D’Lilah), pop-culture references (Khaleesi and Katniss), word names with a strange spelling twist (Diezel and Spontaniouse), and out-there hipster names (Amadeus and McCoy).”

BabyChick says: “I will never forget when one of our writers, Sarah, told me that she always loved the name Blaire for a little girl. The problem is her married last name is Ring. So that would have made her daughter’s name Blaire Ring. Blar-ing.”

Parents says “One method that works well if you have a partner who is continually rejecting names is to ask them for a list of boy and girl names that they like. It certainly narrows your choices, but it can prevent a lot of frustration when you don’t otherwise know what they consider to be a “good name.” Your partner’s list can also be a starting point. For example, if your partner has Paula on the list of girls names, but you’re not fond of it, you can consider variations of that name. Maybe you like Paulina instead, or Paul for a boy.”

Wrapping it up

So, there you have it, fellow parents-to-be!

Choosing an elegant name for your little one is like giving them a gift that lasts a lifetime.

It’s not just about the sound or the trend; it’s about the feel, the grace, and the significance that name carries with it.

It’s the first thing people will know about your precious girl, and it’s what she’ll carry with her through every adventure, from the first day of school to making her mark in the world.

In the end, it’s about finding a name that resonates with your heart and reflects the beauty you see in your daughter.

Whether you go for a timeless classic or a unique gem, choose a name that feels just right for your family.

After all, every name has its own story, and your little one’s name is the beginning of a beautiful chapter.

Happy naming, and here’s to a future filled with elegance, joy, and the sweet sound of your little one’s name!

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