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70+ *So Cute* Names Like Daisy

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If you love the name Daisy but want some other options, this article all about names like Daisy is perfect for you!

Daisy is such a sweet name.

I love the flowery reference but it’s also a really gentle, sweet, kind sounding name.

Whether you know the name because of the fictional character named Daisy Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard, back in the 1980s, or maybe you know it because of Daisy from Joey’s ‘The Bachelor’ season, the name is sweet and lovely.

However, as much as the name is great, there are other equally adorable names to choose from as well.

And that’s what we’re going to get into below!

Top Names Like Daisy















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Names Like Daisy

These cutie pie names are great options for you if you love the name Daisy but want other options.

I’ve also gathered the meanings and origins of the names, in case that’s important to you.

Heads up, many names have more than one meaning and sometimes even more than one origin. If meanings and origins are important to you, I’d recommend you go to Google and type in the name for all the meanings and origins.

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Allie – A diminutive of Alison or Alexandra, meaning “noble” or “defender of mankind.” Origin: Greek.

Annie – A diminutive of Ann or Anne, meaning “grace” or “favor.” Origin: Hebrew.

Aria – Meaning “air” or “song.” Origin: Italian.

Ashley – Meaning “ash tree meadow.” Origin: English.

Aubrey – Meaning “elf ruler” or “noble ruler.” Origin: Old French.

Bailey – Meaning “bailiff” or “law enforcer.” Origin: English.

Bonnie – Meaning “pretty” or “charming.” Origin: Scottish.

Brittany – Refers to the region in northwest France. The name became popular in the United States in the 1970s.

Buffy – A diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.” Origin: English.

Callie – A diminutive of Caroline or Callista, meaning “beautiful” or “most beautiful.” Origin: Greek.

Casey – Meaning “vigilant” or “watchful.” Origin: Irish.

Charlie – A diminutive of Charlotte or Charlene, meaning “free man” or “petite.” Origin: German.

Chloe – Meaning “blooming” or “fertility.” Origin: Greek.

Clover – Refers to the herb with three-lobed leaves. Origin: English.

Courtney – Meaning “domain of Curtius.” Origin: English.

Dahlia – Named after the botanist Anders Dahl. Origin: Swedish.

Daphne – Meaning “laurel” or “bay tree.” Origin: Greek.

Darby – Meaning “deer town” or “free man’s town.” Origin: Old Norse.

Darcy – Meaning “dark” or “from Arcy.” Origin: French.

Delaney – Meaning “from the alder grove.” Origin: Irish.

Delilah – Meaning “delicate” or “weak.” Origin: Hebrew.

Destiny – Refers to fate or fortune. Origin: English.

Dixie – Origin uncertain, but it is often associated with the American South.

Dottie – A diminutive of Dorothy, meaning “gift of God.” Origin: English.

Ellie – A diminutive of Eleanor or Ellen, meaning “light” or “torch.” Origin: Greek.

Emily – Meaning “rival” or “industrious.” Origin: Latin.

Emma – Meaning “whole” or “universal.” Origin: German.

Evie – A diminutive of Eve or Evelyn, meaning “life” or “living.” Origin: Hebrew.

Gracie – A diminutive of Grace, meaning “charm” or “goodness.” Origin: Latin.

Hailey – Variant of Haley, meaning “hay meadow.” Origin: English.

Hallie – Meaning “dweller at the hall meadow.” Origin: English.

Iris – Meaning “rainbow.” Origin: Greek.

Ivy – Refers to the evergreen climbing plant. Origin: English.

Jamie – A diminutive of James or Jamie, meaning “supplanter.” Origin: Hebrew.

Josie – A diminutive of Josephine or Josette, meaning “Jehovah increases.” Origin: Hebrew.

Katie – A diminutive of Katherine, meaning “pure” or “clear.” Origin: Greek.

Kelsey – Meaning “from the ship’s island.” Origin: Old English.

Lexie – A diminutive of Alexandra or Alexis, meaning “defender of mankind.” Origin: Greek.

Lily – Refers to the flower. Origin: English.

Lottie – A diminutive of Charlotte, meaning “free man” or “petite.” Origin: German.

Luna – Meaning “moon.” Origin: Latin.

Macy – Meaning “weapon” or “club.” Origin: French.

Maggie – A diminutive of Margaret, meaning “pearl.” Origin: Greek.

Magnolia – Refers to the flower. Origin: Latin.

Maisie – A diminutive of Margaret, meaning “pearl.” Origin: Greek.

Marigold – Refers to the flower. Origin: English.

Meadow – Refers to a field of grass or wildflowers. Origin: English.

Mila – A diminutive of Camila or Milena, meaning “gracious” or “dear.” Origin: Slavic.

Millie – A diminutive of Mildred or Millicent, meaning “gentle strength” or “strong in work.” Origin: Old English.

Nella – A diminutive of Eleanor or Antonella, meaning “light” or “torch.” Origin: Greek.

Nellie – A diminutive of Eleanor or Helen, meaning “light” or “torch.” Origin: Greek.

Nora – A diminutive of Eleanor or Honora, meaning “light” or “torch.” Origin: Greek.

Penelope – Meaning “weaver” or “duck.” Origin: Greek.

Penny – A diminutive of Penelope or Pennington, meaning “weaver” or “duck.” Origin: Greek.

Peony – Refers to the flower. Origin: Latin.

Poppy – Refers to the flower. Origin: Latin.

Primrose – Refers to the flower. Origin: English.

Riley – Meaning “rye clearing.” Origin: Irish.

Rose – Refers to the flower. Origin: Latin.

Rosie – A diminutive of Rose, meaning “rose flower.” Origin: Latin.

Ruby – Refers to the gemstone. Origin: Latin.

Sadie – A diminutive of Sarah, meaning “princess” or “lady.” Origin: Hebrew.

Sally – A diminutive of Sarah or Salome, meaning “princess” or “lady.” Origin: Hebrew.

Sophie – A diminutive of Sophia, meaning “wisdom.” Origin: Greek.

Sydney – Meaning “wide island” or “marshland.” Origin: Old English.

Violet – Refers to the flower. Origin: Latin.

Wendy – Likely a literary invention by J.M. Barrie for “Peter Pan.” Origin: English.

Whitney – Meaning “white island” or “white meadow.” Origin: Old English.

Willow – Refers to the tree. Origin: English.

Zadie – A diminutive of Isadora, meaning “gift of Isis.” Origin: Greek.

Zoey – A variation of Zoe, meaning “life.” Origin: Greek.

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Names Like Daisy – Wrapped Up

In a nutshell, names like “Daisy” are just plain delightful. They bring to mind all things fresh and lovely, like a sunny day in a flower-filled meadow.

It’s no wonder they’re a hit with parents looking for something sweet and cheerful for their little girls.

These names stick around because they capture that timeless charm we all love.

So, whether it’s the simplicity, the elegance, or just the cute factor, names like “Daisy” are here to stay, bringing a bit of nature’s joy into our lives.

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