50 Unique Nicknames for Eloise (FREE PDF Printable!)

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So, you’ve chosen the beautiful name of Eloise for your baby girl and you’d like some nicknames for Eloise too, we’ve got you covered!

Over 50 cute, sweet, and fun nickname options for the first name of Eloise.

And in addition, how about some vintage and unique middle names for Eloise, too?

I’ve gathered 100 vintage and unique middle name options for Eloise as well!

And, even more- how about some fun facts about the name, too?

This is a great big fun article all about the name Eloise.

Wait, not done yet!

Scroll through and you’ll have access to a free PDF printable nursery art piece with the name Eloise perfect for your little girl’s nursery.

I have hooked you up!

Let’s get to it!

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nicknames for eloise

Nicknames for Eloise

10 Cute Nicknames for Eloise

  1. Ellie
  2. Elly
  3. Elo
  4. Elsie
  5. Lulu
  6. Sweet Elo
  7. Elo-Bear
  8. Sunshine Eloise
  9. LoLo
  10. Adorable Elo

10 Funny Nicknames for Eloise

  1. Elo-Laughs-a-Lot
  2. Chucklese
  3. Giggly-Elo
  4. Looney-Loise
  5. Jokelise
  6. Haha Elo
  7. Snickerse
  8. Witty Elo-Wise
  9. Jestoise
  10. Punny Elo

10 Unique Nicknames for Eloise

  1. Elara
  2. Quirkloise
  3. Melodious Elo
  4. SeraphElo
  5. ZephyrLo
  6. EnchantElo
  7. CelestiaLo
  8. NebulElo
  9. LuminElo
  10. VelocitElo

10 Beautiful Nicknames for Eloise

  1. Eloquence
  2. SerenElo
  3. Enchanting Eloise
  4. Celestial Elo
  5. Eloveliness
  6. Radiant Eloise
  7. Graceful Elo
  8. Blossom Eloise
  9. Ethereal Elo
  10. Harmony Eloise

10 Classic Nicknames for Eloise

  1. Elle
  2. Ellie
  3. Elsie
  4. Elo
  5. Lou
  6. El
  7. Lise
  8. Isa
  9. Eloisa
  10. Lois
eloise nicknames

100 Middle Names for Eloise

If you love the name Eloise but are stuck on a middle name, the list below should help you!

There are unique, vintage, trendy, popular, and classic names to choose from!

And all of them tend toward a nice for Eloise.

Middle Names for Eloise:

  1. Eloise Abigail
  2. Eloise Amelia
  3. Eloise Anne
  4. Eloise Arabella
  5. Eloise Aurora
  6. Eloise Autumn
  7. Eloise Beatrice
  8. Eloise Bianca
  9. Eloise Brooke
  10. Eloise Catherine
  11. Eloise Celeste
  12. Eloise Charlotte
  13. Eloise Claire
  14. Eloise Clementine
  15. Eloise Coraline
  16. Eloise Danielle
  17. Eloise Daphne
  18. Eloise Delphine
  19. Eloise Elara
  20. Eloise Elise
  21. Eloise Elizabeth
  22. Eloise Estelle
  23. Eloise Evelyn
  24. Eloise Faith
  25. Eloise Fiona
  26. Eloise Fiona
  27. Eloise Frances
  28. Eloise Gabrielle
  29. Eloise Gemma
  30. Eloise Giselle
  31. Eloise Grace
  32. Eloise Grace
  33. Eloise Gwendolyn
  34. Eloise Harper
  35. Eloise Hazel
  36. Eloise Hazel
  37. Eloise Helena
  38. Eloise Hope
  39. Eloise Imogen
  40. Eloise Ingrid
  41. Eloise Irene
  42. Eloise Isabella
  43. Eloise Ivy
  44. Eloise Jasmine
  45. Eloise Jocelyn
  46. Eloise Josephine
  47. Eloise Juliet
  48. Eloise Juliette
  49. Eloise June
  50. Eloise Katherine
  51. Eloise Kathleen
  52. Eloise Kendall
  53. Eloise Kinley
  54. Eloise Lily
  55. Eloise Louise
  56. Eloise Lucille
  57. Eloise Mabel
  58. Eloise Madeline
  59. Eloise Mae
  60. Eloise Magnolia
  61. Eloise Marie
  62. Eloise Nadine
  63. Eloise Natalie
  64. Eloise Noelle
  65. Eloise Odette
  66. Eloise Olivia
  67. Eloise Ophelia
  68. Eloise Pearl
  69. Eloise Penelope
  70. Eloise Penelope
  71. Eloise Phoebe
  72. Eloise Quinlan
  73. Eloise Quinn
  74. Eloise Ramona
  75. Eloise Rose
  76. Eloise Roxanne
  77. Eloise Ruby
  78. Eloise Sabrina
  79. Eloise Sage
  80. Eloise Seraphina
  81. Eloise Sophia
  82. Eloise Talia
  83. Eloise Thalia
  84. Eloise Theodora
  85. Eloise Ulyana
  86. Eloise Ursula
  87. Eloise Vanessa
  88. Eloise Veronica
  89. Eloise Victoria
  90. Eloise Violet
  91. Eloise Vivienne
  92. Eloise Whitney
  93. Eloise Willow
  94. Eloise Wren
  95. Eloise Xandra
  96. Eloise Xanthe
  97. Eloise Yvette
  98. Eloise Yvonne
  99. Eloise Zara
  100. Eloise Zelda
middle names for eloise

Facts About Eloise

The name Eloise is of French origin and is derived from the Old German name Helewidis, which is composed of two elements:

  1. Haila: This means “wide” or “large.”
  2. Widis: This element is related to “wood” or “forest.”

Therefore, Eloise can be interpreted to mean “wide” or “healthy” in combination with the concept of the forest or woods.

The name has a charming and elegant sound, making it a popular choice for girls

Also, Eloise has literary associations, most notably with the Eloise book series written by Kay Thompson.

Famous Women Names Eloise

Eloise Mumford: An American actress, known for her roles in films such as “Fifty Shades of Grey” and the TV series “The River.”

Eloise Greenfield: A well-known African American children’s book author and poet, recognized for her contributions to literature.

Eloise Jarvis McGraw: A respected American author, particularly known for her historical novels and works for young adults.

eloise middle names

Eloise Name Nursery Art

Free nursery art!

Details: 8×10 PDF

You’ll need Adobe to open, save, and download the file.

I recommend your printer has full inks and that you use cardstock paper for the best quality printing from home.

Click here to download.

Nicknames for Eloise Wrapped Up

Whether it’s the classic elegance captured by “Elsie” or the endearing warmth of “Elo-Bear,” each nickname adds a unique touch to the already enchanting name Eloise.

From the sweet and timeless to the quirky and humorous, these nicknames reflect the versatility of Eloise, a name that has graced both famous figures and everyday individuals with its grace and allure.

Whatever the preference, one thing is certain – the nicknames for Eloise are a playful celebration of a name that continues to captivate hearts with its beauty and timeless appeal.

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