Easter Word Scramble – 2 Fun (FREE) Word Puzzles

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Part of a holiday’s fun is the games you can play. One of those games is Easter word scramble puzzles!

When you have little kids, making their holidays extra magical and fun is one of the best things about holidays for a parent.

In addition to these two Easter word scramble puzzles, you can also download (for free) free Easter scavenger hunt printables and free printable Easter bunny letter for even more Easter fun!

In this article, you’ll find an Easter bunny-themed word scramble and a religious-themed word scramble. You’re welcome to use one or both!

In addition, there are more fun ideas for a super fun Easter for your children.

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What is a Scramble Word Game?

  1. A scrambled word game is a list of words where the letters are mixed up.
  2. Your job is to unscramble each word to reveal the correct word.
  3. You’ll then refer to the answer key to see if you’ve unscrambled it correctly.

easter scramble words

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Easter Word Scramble

What exactly is a word scramble anyway?

As you can see from the image above, I took Easter words and mixed the letters up so that you can’t tell right away what the word is.

Your child will then work it out to figure out what word it’s supposed to be.

When they do, SUCCESS! They’ll feel accomplished and it’ll display how smart they are.

And no worries, if the words are tricky, there is an answer key, which you can help your child figure out the word so they don’t give up.

Offer them clues to any hard words and watch their minds go to work!

In the Easter word scrambles I put together, I made one that is traditionally Easter and one that is religious in nature.

You’ll find those below.

But first, how about some other fun ideas for Easter?

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easter word scramble

Ideas for a Fun Easter

Below are 20 super fun things to do with your children on or around the Easter holiday.

Easter Egg Hunt: Organize an Easter egg hunt in your backyard or a local park. Fill plastic eggs with candies or small toys.

Egg Decorating: Set up a station for decorating Easter eggs. Provide paints, markers, stickers, and other creative supplies.

Bunny Hop Relay: Plan a bunny hop relay race where participants hop like bunnies from one point to another.

Easter Crafts: Create Easter-themed crafts such as bunny masks, paper plate chicks, or egg carton flowers.

Easter Storytime: Gather kids for an Easter-themed storytime session. Read books about Easter traditions, bunnies, and chicks.

Easter Bingo: Play Easter-themed bingo with cards featuring pictures of eggs, bunnies, and other Easter symbols.

Easter Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt with clues leading to a basket of Easter treats or goodies.

Bake Easter Treats: Get into the kitchen and bake Easter-themed cookies, cupcakes, or a bunny-shaped cake.

Egg and Spoon Race: Organize a classic egg and spoon race where participants balance an egg on a spoon and race to the finish line.

Easter Bonnet Parade: Have a contest for the best-decorated Easter bonnet. Participants can create their own festive hats.

Planting Seeds: Celebrate spring by planting flower seeds in small pots. Kids can watch them grow over time.

Easter Movie Marathon: Enjoy a movie marathon featuring Easter-themed or springtime movies.

Easter Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with props like bunny ears, egg-shaped glasses, and signs for memorable Easter photos.

Easter Pictionary: Play a game of Easter Pictionary with drawings related to Easter symbols and activities.

Easter Card Making: Encourage kids to make Easter cards for friends and family, expressing their creativity and sending festive greetings.

Nature Scavenger Hunt: Explore nature by organizing a scavenger hunt for items like flowers, leaves, and rocks.

Easter Piñata: Fill an Easter-themed piñata with candies and let kids take turns trying to break it open.

Easter-Themed Charades: Play a game of charades with Easter-themed clues for kids to act out.

Easter Puzzle Time: Set up tables with Easter-themed puzzles for kids to solve individually or as a group.

Easter Brunch or Picnic: Plan a special Easter brunch or picnic with delicious treats and festive decorations.

easter fun for kids

Easter Word Scramble Puzzles

Below are the TOTALLY free word scrambles for your kids.

Details: 2 PDF files to choose from, both are 8.5×11 inches, and both come with two pages (scramble and answer key)

You will need Adobe in order to open and download the files to your computer.

I recommend using full inks and cardstock paper for the best printed results, however, regular computer paper can work, too.

Simply click the images below to open a new page and download the PDF files.

These PDF downloads are for personal use only.

Religious Word Scramble

Answer keys are part of the downloads but I’ll leave them below as well.

Religious Word Scramble Answers







Traditional Easter Word Scramble Answers







easter printables free

Easter Word Scramble Wrap-Up

Easter word scramble games offer a delightful and educational way to celebrate the festive season.

Engaging in the challenge of unscrambling words not only brings joy and entertainment but also encourages participants to exercise their cognitive skills, enhancing vocabulary and spelling proficiency.

These games, whether enjoyed individually or in a group setting, contribute to a sense of festivity and creativity during the Easter season.

Whether it’s the excitement of an egg hunt or the satisfaction of unraveling scrambled words, Easter word scramble games bring people together, fostering a spirit of fun, learning, and celebration.

So, gather your friends and family, grab a pen, and immerse yourself in the joyous pursuit of unscrambling words this Easter!

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