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23 Best Christian Books for Toddlers for faith building

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This article is all about the best Christian books for toddlers and babies.

Christian books for toddlers and babies are a wonderful addition to families of faith for several reasons.

First, they introduce young children to biblical stories and values early on, helping them lay a strong spiritual foundation that can guide them throughout their lives.

These books often convey important lessons about love, kindness, forgiveness, and faith in a way that is accessible and understandable for little minds.

They also provide a great opportunity for parents to engage in faith-based conversations with their children, fostering a deeper family connection and shared belief system.

Reading these books can create comforting and positive routines, such as bedtime stories, that incorporate faith into daily life.

Overall, Christian books for young children help integrate faith into the formative years, nurturing spiritual development in a loving and engaging manner.

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Best Christian Books for Toddlers

·  The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories – Zondervan – A collection of Bible stories written in a simple and engaging manner.

·  Jesus Loves Me (A Sing-Along Book) – Zondervan – A book that pairs the classic song with colorful illustrations.

·  God Gave Us You – Lisa Tawn Bergren – A heartwarming story about the special bond between parents and their child.

·  The Very First Christmas – Paul L. Maier – A retelling of the Nativity story with beautiful illustrations.

·  My First Bible Stories – Parragon Books – A collection of classic Bible stories for young readers.

·  Baby’s First Bible – Roger Priddy – The Story of Moses, The Story of Jesus, Noah’s Ark, and Adam and Eve.

·  God Made You Special – Greg Fritz – A VeggieTales book celebrating the uniqueness of each child.

·  The Story of Noah’s Ark – Patricia A. Pingry – A simple retelling of Noah’s Ark for toddlers.

·  Goodnight, Manger – Laura Sassi – A bedtime story set in the manger on the night Jesus was born.

·  God Bless You and Good Night – Hannah Hall – A bedtime book that emphasizes God’s love.

·  Jesus Calling: Little Book of Prayers – Sarah Young – A collection of prayers for toddlers based on the “Jesus Calling” series.

·  The Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible – Jan & Mike Berenstain – Bible stories featuring the beloved Berenstain Bears.

·  God Gave Us Easter – Lisa Tawn Bergren – A story that explains the significance of Easter in a child-friendly way.

·  Little One, God Loves You – Amy Warren Hilliker – A sweet book about God’s love for little ones.

·  The Parable of the Lost Sheep – Tomie dePaola – A retelling of one of Jesus’ parables.

·  God Made You Nose to Toes – Leslie Parrott – A book celebrating the way God made each child special.

·  The Lord’s Prayer – Rick Warren – A board book that introduces toddlers to the Lord’s Prayer.

·  Snuggle Time Psalms – Glenys Nellist – A collection of Psalms for bedtime reading.

·  The Creation Story for Children – Helen Haidle – A beautifully illustrated book about God’s creation.

·  If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart – Jill Roman Lord – A book that explores how Jesus’ love can be shown through children’s actions.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Christian books for toddlers are a fantastic way to introduce little ones to the values, stories, and principles of the faith in a fun and engaging way.

With vibrant illustrations, simple language, and heartwarming messages, these books not only capture their attention but also help lay a foundation for their spiritual growth.

From classic Bible stories to lessons about God’s love and creation, there’s a wide variety to choose from that can make bedtime, story time, or any time special and meaningful.

Plus, sharing these stories can be a great bonding experience for parents and children, fostering both faith and family connection.

Bonus Book Recommendations

·  God Made All of Me – Justin S. Holcomb & Lindsey A. Holcomb – A book that teaches children about their bodies and God’s creation in a positive and affirming way.

·  The Lion and the Mouse – Jerry Pinkney – A beautifully illustrated retelling of one of Aesop’s fables with Christian themes of kindness and redemption.

·  The Donkey Who Carried a King – R.C. Sproul – A story about a donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem, teaching lessons about humility and service.

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