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180 Beautiful Middle Names for Violet

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Congratulations on your little one on her way and I love the name you’ve chosen for her. The hard part of over, or is it? Now you need to find middle names for Violet! No worries, that’s where this list comes in.

You’ll find beautiful names in this list that pair well with the first name Violet. I think you’re going to love this list!

Names like Evelyn, Marie, Zada, and many more!

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Middle Names for Violet

But before we talk about middle names, let’s look at the name Violet and some facts about the beautiful name.

Origin and Meaning

Origin: Violet is a name of English origin.

Meaning: The name Violet derives from the Latin word “viola,” which refers to the violet flower. It symbolizes modesty, faithfulness, and love.

Historical and Cultural Context

Historical Use: Violet became a popular given name in the 19th century, especially during the Victorian era when flower names were in vogue. It was common in English-speaking countries.

Cultural Significance: The violet flower has been associated with various symbolic meanings, including humility and innocence. It also has a place in mythology and literature. In Greek mythology, the violet was a symbol of love and fertility.


Past Popularity: Violet was a common name in the early 20th century but saw a decline mid-century.

Recent Trends: In recent years, Violet has experienced a resurgence in popularity. This can be attributed to the trend of reviving vintage names and the influence of celebrities. For example, actress Jennifer Garner and actor Ben Affleck named their daughter Violet in 2005, which helped boost the name’s popularity.

Famous People Named Violet

Violet Bonham Carter: A British politician and diarist, and the daughter of Prime Minister H.H. Asquith.

Violet Jessop: Known for surviving the sinking of both the RMS Titanic and the HMHS Britannic.

Violet Trefusis: An English writer and socialite, known for her affair with Vita Sackville-West.

Fictional Characters

Violet Beauregarde: A character in Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Violet Baudelaire: One of the main characters in the “A Series of Unfortunate Events” books by Lemony Snicket.

Violet Parr: A character in the animated film “The Incredibles.”

Variants and Nicknames

Variants: Violette (French), Violetta (Italian/Spanish)

Nicknames: Vi, Lettie, Vivi

Usage in Other Languages

French: Violette

Italian: Violetta

Spanish: Violeta

Vintage Names for Violet

·  Violet Anne

·  Violet Beatrice

·  Violet Catherine

·  Violet Dorothy

·  Violet Edith

·  Violet Eleanor

·  Violet Elizabeth

·  Violet Esther

·  Violet Frances

·  Violet Georgiana

·  Violet Grace

·  Violet Harriet

·  Violet Helen

·  Violet Jane

·  Violet Josephine

·  Violet Louise

·  Violet Lucille

·  Violet Mae

·  Violet Margaret

·  Violet Maud

·  Violet Mabel

·  Violet Pearl

·  Violet Rose

·  Violet Ruth

·  Violet Sophia

·  Violet Susannah

·  Violet Theodora

·  Violet Victoria

·  Violet Winifred

·  Violet Yvonne

Trending Names for Violet

·  Violet Aria

·  Violet Ava

·  Violet Blair

·  Violet Brielle

·  Violet Brooke

·  Violet Capri

·  Violet Claire

·  Violet Daisy

·  Violet Ember

·  Violet Everly

·  Violet Faye

·  Violet Grace

·  Violet Harper

·  Violet Hazel

·  Violet Isla

·  Violet Jade

·  Violet Juniper

·  Violet Kai

·  Violet Luna

·  Violet Maeve

·  Violet Mila

·  Violet Nova

·  Violet Paige

·  Violet Quinn

·  Violet Reese

·  Violet Sage

·  Violet Skye

·  Violet Sloane

·  Violet Stella

·  Violet Willow

Short Names for Violet

·  Violet Ann

·  Violet Beth

·  Violet Blair

·  Violet Bree

·  Violet Bryn

·  Violet Claire

·  Violet Dawn

·  Violet Drew

·  Violet Eve

·  Violet Faye

·  Violet Finn

·  Violet Gem

·  Violet Grace

·  Violet Gwen

·  Violet Hope

·  Violet Jade

·  Violet Jane

·  Violet Joy

·  Violet June

·  Violet Kate

·  Violet Lark

·  Violet Lee

·  Violet Mae

·  Violet Maeve

·  Violet Paige

·  Violet Pearl

·  Violet Quinn

·  Violet Rae

·  Violet Rose

·  Violet Sage

Boho-Nature Names for Violet

·  Violet Autumn

·  Violet Bay

·  Violet Blossom

·  Violet Brooke

·  Violet Cedar

·  Violet Clover

·  Violet Dawn

·  Violet Echo

·  Violet Fern

·  Violet Fawn

·  Violet Forest

·  Violet Hazel

·  Violet Ivy

·  Violet Juniper

·  Violet Lake

·  Violet Lark

·  Violet Leaf

·  Violet Meadow

·  Violet Moon

·  Violet Ocean

·  Violet Olive

·  Violet Petal

·  Violet Rain

·  Violet River

·  Violet Rose

·  Violet Sky

·  Violet Snow

·  Violet Star

·  Violet Willow

·  Violet Wren

Unique Names for Violet

·  Violet Amara

·  Violet Azura

·  Violet Briony

·  Violet Calista

·  Violet Capri

·  Violet Celeste

·  Violet Dahlia

·  Violet Delphine

·  Violet Elara

·  Violet Esme

·  Violet Estelle

·  Violet Evadne

·  Violet Fiorella

·  Violet Galadriel

·  Violet Harlow

·  Violet Imogen

·  Violet Isolde

·  Violet Juno

·  Violet Kaia

·  Violet Leontine

·  Violet Lyra

·  Violet Marigold

·  Violet Nerissa

·  Violet Ophelia

·  Violet Phaedra

·  Violet Seraphine

·  Violet Soraya

·  Violet Thalassa

·  Violet Xanthe

·  Violet Zephyr

Southern-themed names for Violet

·  Violet Annabelle

·  Violet Belle

·  Violet Bethany

·  Violet Carolina

·  Violet Cassidy

·  Violet Cheyenne

·  Violet Clementine

·  Violet Dixie

·  Violet Daisy

·  Violet Dakota

·  Violet Delaney

·  Violet Dixie

·  Violet Dolly

·  Violet Ember

·  Violet Faith

·  Violet Georgia

·  Violet Harper

·  Violet Jolene

·  Violet June

·  Violet Kaylee

·  Violet Laurel

·  Violet Mae

·  Violet Magnolia

·  Violet Paisley

·  Violet Rae

·  Violet Remy

·  Violet Savannah

·  Violet Shelby

·  Violet Shiloh

·  Violet Susannah

Final Thoughts About Middle Names for Violet

Picking a middle name for Violet is like adding a cool accessory to a classic outfit.

You’ve got options that range from timeless picks like Anne or Grace to trendier ones like Willow or Harper.

If you’re into nature vibes, names like Meadow or River could be sweet choices.

Or maybe you’re feeling adventurous with something unique like Seraphine or Zephyr.

Whatever you go with, it’s all about finding that combo that feels just right and makes Violet shine even more.

Happy naming!

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