18 Amazing Cowboy Themed Nursery Ideas for that Western Feel!

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Congrats on your little one! What an exciting time in your life. If you are planning on a cowboy nursery, you’ll want to read this cowboy themed nursery ideas article, packed full of amazing ideas for your little ones nursery!

Whether you’re looking for a cowboy or cowgirl themed nursery, this article will help you with ideas and inspiration to get that perfect nursery for your little one.

I remember the joy and fun of making my babies nursery’s. Picking a theme and then hunting down all the items for it was so much fun!

I am excited for you and can’t wait to help inspire you with this theme.

So, let’s jump in!

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cowboy themed nursery ideas

Cowboy Themed Nursery Ideas

Before we get into all the ideas, let’s look at some essentials for a cowboy themed nursery.

A cowboy-themed crib bedding set is a central element that sets the tone for the entire nursery.

Look for sheets, blankets, and crib skirts with adorable cowboy motifs like sheriff stars, boots, and horseshoes.

The bedding not only provides comfort for the baby but also adds a charming western touch to the crib.

Opt for rustic wooden furniture to create an authentic cowboy feel in the nursery.

A wooden crib, dresser, and rocking chair with distressed finishes or natural wood tones enhance the western aesthetic.

The sturdy and timeless quality of wooden furniture contributes to the overall warmth and charm of the room.

Decorate the walls with cowboy-themed artwork or prints.

This can include framed illustrations of cowboys on horseback, rodeo scenes, or playful images of cowboy hats and boots.

The wall art not only adds visual interest but also helps to reinforce the western theme throughout the room, creating a cohesive and delightful atmosphere.

Now that we’ve chatted a bit about the basics, let’s delve into the details!

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Western Themed Nursery Tour

Cowboy Nursery Essentials

This section will be broken down into several categories to help you get the most of your planning for the nursery.

Color Palette

The chosen color palette for the cowboy-themed nursery is designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of the rustic charm of the Wild West.


The predominant use of earthy tones forms the foundation of the palette, with shades of brown serving as a grounding element throughout the room.

This deep, rich color symbolizes the rugged landscapes and natural materials often associated with cowboy culture.

Complementing the brown tones, beige is introduced to add a touch of lightness and balance.

Beige represents the sandy terrain of the western deserts, contributing to the overall warmth of the color scheme.

It softens the visual impact and creates a cozy ambiance that is perfect for a nursery setting.


Denim blue is incorporated to introduce a classic and timeless element, resembling the iconic blue jeans worn by cowboys.

This hue brings a sense of familiarity and comfort to the space. It not only complements the earthy tones but also adds a touch of coolness to the palette, creating a balanced and visually pleasing contrast.


Soft greens are introduced to represent the natural elements found in the western landscape, such as prairies and cacti.

This color adds a subtle pop of freshness to the palette, creating a connection to the outdoors.

The soft greens contribute to a harmonious blend with the other warm tones, infusing a touch of nature into the nursery.

Together, these colors work harmoniously to evoke a rustic, western feel in the nursery.

The warm and earthy palette creates a nurturing environment that is both visually appealing and soothing.

It forms the backdrop for the various cowboy-themed decor elements, tying the entire room together and immersing the little one in a cozy and charming Wild West-inspired haven.

Best paint colors for a nursery bedroom

Crib Bedding

Selecting crib bedding with charming cowboy-themed patterns is a key element in transforming the nursery into a delightful Wild West haven.

Opt for bedding adorned with iconic symbols of cowboy culture, such as sheriff stars, cowboy boots, and bandana prints.

The sheriff stars add a playful touch of authority and whimsy, creating a sense of adventure for the little one.

Imaginative and cute, cowboy boots on the bedding evoke the spirit of the frontier, encouraging dreams of riding horses and exploring vast landscapes.

Incorporating bandana prints introduces a classic western flair, reminiscent of the timeless cowboy accessory.

The combination of these patterns not only adds visual interest to the crib but also sets the stage for a cohesive and thematic design throughout the nursery.

The crib becomes a focal point, enveloping the baby in a cozy and stylish space that captures the essence of cowboy charm.

Affiliate links may be used in this post and if so I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you when purchasing from my site. I’m also part of the Amazon Affiliate (Associate) program where I earn a commission from sales made through my affiliate links. Find my full disclosure policy by clicking here

Cute cowboy themed bedding

How to pick a nursery theme: guide

western nursery ideas

Wall Decor

Enhancing the walls with western-themed artwork is a key aspect in infusing the nursery with an authentic cowboy charm.

Choose framed prints or canvases that showcase cute cowboy illustrations, vivid rodeo scenes, or expansive western landscapes.

These carefully chosen artworks bring a sense of whimsy and adventure to the space, creating a visual narrative that sparks the imagination of the little cowboy.

The cute cowboy illustrations add a touch of playfulness, portraying the iconic figure in various heartwarming scenarios.

Rodeo scenes capture the dynamic energy and excitement of western events, while depictions of vast western landscapes transport the nursery into the open frontier.

The framed artwork becomes a gallery of captivating visual stories, transforming the nursery walls into a canvas that encapsulates the spirit of the Wild West and provides the baby with an inspiring and visually stimulating environment.

Western Wall Mural:

  • Consider painting a mural of a western landscape on one of the walls. Include elements like cacti, cowboy hats, and horses.
  • Look into wall mural decals if you can’t afford a painted wall but really like the idea. Click here for more ideas.

Western Art

Everything you need to know about creating a nursery

DIY Mobile

Crafting a custom DIY cowboy mobile is a creative and personal way to infuse the nursery with an endearing Wild West touch.

Gather mini cowboy hats, boots, and horseshoes, and string them together with rustic twine or thin leather strips.

The mini cowboy hats bring a whimsical element to the mobile, while the tiny boots add a touch of adorable cowboy flair.

Incorporating horseshoes not only reinforces the western theme but also adds a subtle rustic charm.

Consider painting or embellishing these miniatures with colors that complement the nursery’s overall palette.

For those who might not have the time or inclination for a DIY project, there are numerous charming pre-made cowboy mobiles available for purchase.

These often feature carefully crafted and themed elements, allowing for an easy and convenient way to introduce the cowboy spirit into the nursery.

Whichever path is chosen, a cowboy mobile becomes a delightful focal point above the crib, capturing the baby’s attention and fostering a whimsical atmosphere that perfectly complements the Wild West theme.


Nursery ideas gallery

western nursery tips

Personalized Name Banner

Creating a personalized name banner is a wonderful way to add a touch of individuality and cowboy charm to the nursery.

Start by selecting a rustic fabric that aligns with the color palette of the room, perhaps in shades of warm brown or denim blue.

Choose cowboy-inspired fonts that exude a sense of character and playfulness.

Cut out individual letters from the fabric, creating a banner that spells out the baby’s name.

To enhance the cowboy theme, incorporate decorative elements like sheriff stars, lassos, or miniature cowboy boots between the letters.

Consider using bandana-patterned fabric as a background for each letter to infuse a classic western touch.

For a DIY approach, hand-paint or stencil the letters onto the fabric using earthy colors.

This personalized name banner not only becomes a unique and visually appealing piece of decor but also adds a personalized touch that makes the nursery feel specially tailored for the little cowboy.

Custom name signs:

Nursery projects you can actually do!

Western Style Rug

Introducing a cowboy-themed rug to the nursery serves as both a functional and decorative element, adding warmth, comfort, and a playful touch to the space.

Get yourself a rug adorned with charming patterns of cowboy hats or boots, reinforcing the Wild West theme.

The rug becomes a soft and inviting surface for the baby to play and crawl, offering a cozy environment for those precious early moments.

The choice of a cowboy hat or boot pattern not only contributes to the overall theme but also injects a sense of whimsy into the room.

The rug’s design can be a focal point that ties together other western-inspired elements in the nursery, creating a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere.

The rug provides a designated area for play and adds an extra layer of comfort to the nursery, making it a welcoming space for both the baby and caregivers alike.

Rugs you may like:

Sheriff Star Wall Hooks

Incorporating sheriff star-shaped wall hooks into the nursery design adds a playful and functional touch that aligns perfectly with the cowboy theme.

Choose these whimsical hooks in a rustic finish to enhance the western aesthetic.

Mount them strategically on the walls to serve as charming storage solutions for hanging clothes, hats, or other accessories.

The sheriff star design not only contributes to the overall Wild West motif but also introduces a sense of authority and adventure.

These hooks provide an organized and visually appealing way to display cute cowboy outfits, hats, or even miniature bandanas, creating both a practical storage solution and a delightful decorative element.

The sheriff star wall hooks become a functional piece of the nursery’s design, encouraging tidiness while adding an extra layer of thematic charm to the room.

Western Hooks:
western nursery decor

Rope Shelves

Integrating rope shelves into the design of a western-themed nursery is a brilliant way to infuse the space with rustic charm and functional decor.

Begin by selecting weathered wooden planks that evoke a sense of authenticity, reminiscent of the rugged landscapes of the Wild West.

Loop thick, natural-looking ropes through drilled holes in the planks, securing them with knots to create a visually compelling and sturdy shelf structure.

The use of ropes not only adds a tactile and textural element but also aligns with the cowboy aesthetic, recalling the essential tool of lassos used on the frontier.

More Rope Shelves On Amazon

Bandana Bunting

Crafting a bandana bunting is a delightful and easy DIY project that can add a playful and vibrant touch to a western-themed nursery.

Begin by collecting bandanas in various colors that complement the chosen color palette of the room, sticking to earthy tones like red, blue, and beige to align with the western aesthetic.

Cut the bandanas into triangular shapes, creating a series of flags that form the bunting.

Attach the bandana triangles to a string or rustic twine, leaving equal spaces between each flag.

This not only creates a visually appealing arrangement but also allows for flexibility in adjusting the length of the bunting based on the room’s dimensions.

For added charm, consider embellishing the bandanas with additional western-themed elements such as miniature cowboy boot or hat cutouts.

Once crafted, hang the bandana bunting around the room, creating a whimsical border near the ceiling or draping it along a wall.

The bandana bunting adds a touch of western flair to the nursery, providing a cohesive and decorative element that ties the theme together.

It serves as a playful and eye-catching detail, contributing to the overall charm and character of the space.

The DIY nature of the project allows for personalization, ensuring the bandana bunting becomes a unique and charming feature in the western-inspired nursery.

Bandanas and Buntings:

Toy Saddle Rocking Horse

Integrating a small rocking horse with a saddle into the western-themed nursery serves as a dual-purpose addition, offering both playfulness and aesthetic appeal.

Select a rocking horse with a saddle that complements the nursery’s color palette and design.

This charming toy becomes not only a source of entertainment for the little cowboy but also a decorative piece that aligns seamlessly with the Wild West theme.

The saddle adds a touch of authenticity, enhancing the overall cowboy aesthetic.

Position the rocking horse strategically in the room, perhaps near a cozy reading nook or as a focal point, allowing it to be both an inviting plaything and a visually captivating element that contributes to the delightful ambiance of the western-inspired nursery.

Rocking Horses:
cowboy bedroom ideas

Western Wall Decals

Utilizing removable wall decals featuring cowboy boots, hats, and horseshoes is a simple and effective way to infuse a playful and thematic touch into the western-inspired nursery.

Choose decals in colors that complement the overall color palette of the room, ensuring a harmonious integration with the existing decor.

Applying these whimsical decals strategically on the walls allows for a creative and customizable arrangement.

The cowboy boots, hats, and horseshoes not only evoke the spirit of the Wild West but also contribute to a charming and visually engaging atmosphere.

Since the decals are removable, they offer flexibility for rearranging or updating the decor as the little cowboy grows.

This budget-friendly and low-commitment option provides an easy yet impactful way to bring a touch of the frontier indoors, creating a delightful and imaginative environment for the baby.

Western Decals:

Vintage Cowboy Books

Displaying vintage cowboy-themed children’s books in the nursery is a delightful and nostalgic way to infuse the space with both decor and literary charm.

Seek out classic and timeless books that feature tales of adventurous cowboys, daring rodeos, and heartwarming western stories.

These vintage books not only serve as captivating decorations on the nursery shelves but also offer the perfect opportunity for bedtime storytelling.

The well-worn pages and charming illustrations of these books add a sense of history and character to the room, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for both the little cowboy and their caregivers.

As a bonus, incorporating these vintage books into the nursery’s design encourages a love for reading from an early age, fostering an appreciation for both the western theme and the magic of storytelling.

Lasso Curtain Tiebacks

Incorporating miniature lassos as curtain tiebacks is a subtle and creative touch that effortlessly brings the western theme into the nursery decor.

Go for small lassos made of natural materials like twine or rope, adding authenticity to the cowboy-inspired aesthetic.

Use these charming lasso tiebacks to gather curtains at the sides, allowing natural light to filter into the room while infusing a rustic and playful element.

The lassos not only serve a practical purpose but also become unique and eye-catching accessories that contribute to the overall western motif.

This small detail showcases thoughtful attention to the theme, adding a touch of whimsy to the nursery and reinforcing the Wild West ambiance in a clever and understated way.

DIY Rope Mirror

Crafting a DIY rope mirror for the nursery involves framing a mirror with coiled rope to achieve a distinctive and cowboy-inspired look.

Begin by selecting a mirror of the desired size and shape.

Then, coil natural-looking rope around the mirror frame, securing it in place with glue or adhesive.

The coiled rope not only adds texture and warmth but also evokes the rugged charm of the frontier.

This creative project allows for customization, enabling the incorporation of various rope styles or even the addition of decorative elements like small cowboy-themed accents.

Once completed, the rope mirror becomes a one-of-a-kind piece that not only serves a functional purpose but also contributes to the overall western aesthetic of the nursery, providing a unique and personalized touch to the decor.

Western Stuffed Animals

Adding western-themed stuffed animals into the nursery decor adds a whimsical and cuddly dimension to the overall design.

Choose plush horses, cows, and sheep adorned in miniature cowboy attire, complete with hats, bandanas, or even little boots.

These adorable stuffed animals not only serve as charming decorations but also double as cuddly companions for the little cowboy.

Their cowboy outfits add a playful touch, infusing the room with a sense of imagination and storytelling.

Strategically place these stuffed animals on shelves, rocking chairs, or as adorable additions to the crib, creating a cozy and enchanting atmosphere in the nursery.

This creative touch not only enhances the western theme but also introduces a comforting and whimsical element that resonates with both young and old alike.

The western animal stuffed toys become delightful, decorative companions, contributing to the charm and character of the Wild West-inspired nursery.

Stuffed Animals:
western room ideas

Wooden Storage Crates

Employing wooden crates as storage solutions in the nursery not only enhances the rustic aesthetic but also introduces a practical and functional element to the space.

Choose sturdy and well-crafted wooden crates in various sizes and arrange them strategically around the room.

These crates serve as versatile storage containers for toys, baby essentials, and other necessities.

Their natural wooden texture and rustic appearance contribute to the overall western theme, evoking a sense of simplicity and authenticity.

Stack the crates to create multi-tiered storage units or use them individually as standalone organizers.

The open design of the crates allows for easy access to items, promoting organization while maintaining a visually appealing and cohesive look.

This combination of functionality and aesthetics makes wooden crate storage an ideal addition to the western-themed nursery, creating a charming and practical environment for both the little cowboy and their caregivers.

Wooden Crates:

Western Nursery Quilt

Selecting a western-themed quilt for the nursery is a wonderful way to infuse warmth and visual appeal into the space.

Go for a cozy quilt featuring classic cowboy motifs such as hats, boots, and horses.

The soft, textured fabric of the quilt not only provides an extra layer of warmth for the baby but also adds a tactile and inviting element to the nursery decor.

The cowboy-inspired motifs contribute to the overall western theme, creating a visually cohesive and charming environment.

Drape the quilt over the crib or rocking chair, or use it as a decorative accent on a cozy reading nook.

The combination of functionality and style makes the western nursery quilt a versatile addition, ensuring comfort and an extra touch of character in the room.

Whether used for snuggles during storytime or as a decorative throw, the quilt becomes a cozy and thematic centerpiece in the little cowboy’s haven.

Western Throw Blankets:

Western-inspired Lighting

Selecting western-inspired lighting fixtures for the nursery is a fantastic way to enhance the overall cowboy theme and create a warm, inviting ambiance.

Choose unique pieces that capture the spirit of the Wild West, such as a pendant light featuring a charming cowboy hat design.

This choice not only provides functional illumination but also becomes a playful focal point in the room, adding whimsy and character.

Another option is to consider a rustic chandelier that mimics the spokes of a wagon wheel, evoking a sense of frontier authenticity.

The use of materials like weathered wood or wrought iron in the lighting fixtures adds to the rustic charm and ties into the western aesthetic.

The right lighting design not only brightens the nursery but also becomes an integral part of the decor.

It serves as an additional opportunity to infuse the space with western charm, creating a cohesive and enchanting atmosphere.

Whether casting a soft glow over a cozy reading nook or providing ample light for playtime, western-inspired lighting fixtures contribute to the overall charm and thematic unity of the cowboy-themed nursery.

western boy room ideas

Western Cowboy Themed Nursery – Wrap Up

Crafting a cowboy-themed nursery for a little boy involves blending creativity, functionality, and a touch of the Wild West’s rustic charm.

From warm and earthy color palettes to personalized banners, DIY projects like rope mirrors, and western-inspired lighting fixtures, each element contributes to the creation of a delightful and thematic space.

The careful selection of cowboy-themed decor, such as lasso curtain tiebacks, wooden crate storage, and vintage cowboy books, not only adds visual interest but also nurtures a cozy and imaginative environment.

The incorporation of playful items like toy saddle rocking horses, bandana buntings, and western animal stuffed toys infuses a sense of whimsy.

Additionally, thoughtful touches like sheriff star wall hooks, cowboy nursery rugs, and quilted bedding with classic motifs further contribute to the overall charm and comfort of the space.

In the end, the harmonious integration of these creative elements culminates in a cowboy-themed nursery that not only reflects the spirit of the Wild West but also provides a welcoming and enchanting haven for the little cowboy to grow, play, and dream.

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