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150+ Middle Names for Theodore (Vintage, Unique, Strong) + FREE PDF

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Aw, congratulations on your little one on his way! And the name you’ve chosen is amazing! It’s strong yet cute at the same time and the nickname of Teddy is simply adorable! So what about some middle names for Theodore?

If you’ve chosen Théodore, or are leaning that way, but you need some middle name ideas, this article will be your jam!

I have so many great name options and have them broken down into vintage or unique categories. And as a bonus, I’ve gathered some more popular options in case you want something a bit more modern and well-loved/used.

I can’t wait to show you all these great names!

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middle names for Théodore

Middle Names for Theodore

The name Theodore is of Greek origin meaning “gift of God” or “divine gift.”

Some famous Theodores

  • Theodore Roosevelt: The 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, served from 1901 to 1909. He was a prominent political figure, conservationist, and military leader, known for his “Square Deal” domestic policies.
  • Theodore Dreiser: An American novelist and journalist, Theodore Dreiser, was known for his works such as “Sister Carrie” and “An American Tragedy,” which explored social and economic issues in early 20th-century America.
  • Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss): The beloved American author and illustrator known as Dr. Seuss was born Theodor Seuss Geisel. He wrote and illustrated numerous popular children’s books, including “The Cat in the Hat” and “Green Eggs and Ham.”
  • Theodore Sturgeon: An influential American science fiction writer, Theodore Sturgeon, authored many acclaimed works, including the novel “More Than Human” and the short story “Baby Is Three.”

Some Theodore’s in Books

  • Theodore “Laurie” Laurence – “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott: Laurie, the charming and good-hearted neighbor in “Little Women,” is often referred to by his given name, Theodore Laurence.
  • Theodore Finch – “All the Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven: Theodore Finch, one of the protagonists in this young adult novel, struggles with mental health issues. The story explores his complex and evolving relationship with Violet Markey.
  • Theodore Boone – Theodore Boone series by John Grisham: Theodore Boone is the young and aspiring lawyer protagonist in John Grisham’s series of legal thrillers for young readers. The series follows Theo’s adventures as he gets involved in solving mysteries and legal cases.

Possible Nicknames

  1. Theo
  2. Teddy
  3. Ted
  4. Tad
  5. Teo
  6. Thor
  7. Terry
  8. Téo
  9. Thee
  10. Red
  11. Dore
  12. Tor
  13. Theo-Bear
  14. T-Man
  15. Dory
  16. Theo-Bo
  17. T-Rex
  18. Theodorito
  19. Thorin
  20. Dré

Free Name Checklist

Simply click the image below, which will open up a link to sign up to the printables vault. You’ll find this checklist and nursery art for free!

theordore middle names

Vintage Boy Names for Theodore

  • Theodore Albert
  • Theodore Arthur
  • Theodore Augustus
  • Theodore Benjamin
  • Theodore Charles
  • Theodore Chester
  • Theodore Clarence
  • Theodore Clement
  • Theodore Clyde
  • Theodore Desmond
  • Theodore Edgar
  • Theodore Edmund
  • Theodore Edward
  • Theodore Elias
  • Theodore Emmett
  • Theodore Eugene
  • Theodore Everett
  • Theodore Felix
  • Theodore Franklin
  • Theodore Frederick
  • Theodore George
  • Theodore Gilbert
  • Theodore Harold
  • Theodore Harold
  • Theodore Henry
  • Theodore Herbert
  • Theodore Horace
  • Theodore Hubert
  • Theodore Irving
  • Theodore Jasper
  • Theodore Jerome
  • Theodore Lawrence
  • Theodore Leo
  • Theodore Leonidas
  • Theodore Lewis
  • Theodore Lloyd
  • Theodore Milton
  • Theodore Norman
  • Theodore Oscar
  • Theodore Percy
  • Theodore Raymond
  • Theodore Reginald
  • Theodore Roland
  • Theodore Russell
  • Theodore Silas
  • Theodore Stanley
  • Theodore Victor
  • Theodore Vincent
  • Theodore Wallace
  • Theodore Walter
  • Theodore Warren
  • Theodore Wilbur
  • Theodore Winston
  • Theodore Woodrow
middle names for boys

Unique Boy Names for Theodore

  • Theodore Ambrose
  • Theodore Arlo
  • Theodore Atlas
  • Theodore August
  • Theodore Bastian
  • Theodore Brighton
  • Theodore Callahan
  • Theodore Callum
  • Theodore Caspian
  • Theodore Colton
  • Theodore Corbin
  • Theodore Cormac
  • Theodore Corwin
  • Theodore Dash
  • Theodore Dillon
  • Theodore Ellis
  • Theodore Ennis
  • Theodore Everly
  • Theodore Finley
  • Theodore Finnian
  • Theodore Gideon
  • Theodore Griffin
  • Theodore Hawthorne
  • Theodore Hayes
  • Theodore Huxley
  • Theodore Jasper
  • Theodore Kellan
  • Theodore Knox
  • Theodore Leander
  • Theodore Lennox
  • Theodore Lucian
  • Theodore Lysander
  • Theodore Mercer
  • Theodore Merritt
  • Theodore Orion
  • Theodore Phoenix
  • Theodore Quill
  • Theodore Quincy
  • Theodore Quinn
  • Theodore Rainier
  • Theodore Roland
  • Theodore Rowan
  • Theodore Silvan
  • Theodore Soren
  • Theodore Sterling
  • Theodore Sullivan
  • Theodore Thane
  • Theodore Vance
  • Theodore Vaughn
  • Theodore Wells
  • Theodore Wilder
  • Theodore Winslow
  • Theodore Zade
  • Theodore Zane
  • Theodore Zephyr
strong boy names

Popular Boy Names for Theodore

  • Theodore Adam
  • Theodore Alexander
  • Theodore Andrew
  • Theodore Anthony
  • Theodore Austin
  • Theodore Benjamin
  • Theodore Caleb
  • Theodore Carter
  • Theodore Christopher
  • Theodore Cole
  • Theodore Connor
  • Theodore Cooper
  • Theodore Daniel
  • Theodore David
  • Theodore Davis
  • Theodore Dylan
  • Theodore Elijah
  • Theodore Ethan
  • Theodore Evan
  • Theodore Gabriel
  • Theodore Grayson
  • Theodore Henry
  • Theodore Hudson
  • Theodore Hunter
  • Theodore Isaac
  • Theodore Jack
  • Theodore Jacob
  • Theodore James
  • Theodore Jaxon
  • Theodore Jonah
  • Theodore Jonathan
  • Theodore Joseph
  • Theodore Julian
  • Theodore Leo
  • Theodore Levi
  • Theodore Liam
  • Theodore Logan
  • Theodore Lucas
  • Theodore Luke
  • Theodore Mason
  • Theodore Matthew
  • Theodore Max
  • Theodore Michael
  • Theodore Miles
  • Theodore Nathan
  • Theodore Nicholas
  • Theodore Noah
  • Theodore Nolan
  • Theodore Oliver
  • Theodore Owen
  • Theodore Ryan
  • Theodore Samuel
  • Theodore William
  • Theodore Xavier
  • Theodore Zachary
boy names strong

Names I’m Seeing On Social Media

I’m obsessed with baby names and love to search Instagram for new baby announcements to see the names chosen. Below are names I’ve seen announced on social media for new baby’s born in the last 6 months or so.

  • Viggo
  • Atlas
  • Dylan
  • Henry
  • Ben
  • Reed
  • Krew
  • Casen
  • Knox
  • Owen
  • Elliott
  • Noah
  • Bennett
  • Briggs
  • Billy
  • Grayson
  • Spencer
  • Drew
  • Huxley
  • Maddox
  • Brody
  • Bodhi or Bodi

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Middle Names for Theodore Wrap Up

The name Theodore offers a timeless and elegant foundation for various middle name combinations.

Whether paired with unique, vintage, or popular choices, the versatility of Theodore allows for the creation of a name that resonates personally and carries a sense of significance.

Whether you choose a classic pairing or opt for a more distinctive middle name, the beauty of Theodore lies in its ability to blend seamlessly with a variety of options, ensuring a name that is both sophisticated and meaningful.

Ultimately, the combination of Theodore with a carefully chosen middle name reflects a thoughtful and timeless choice for individuals seeking a name with both tradition and individuality.

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