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170+ Unique Middle Names for Thomas

Last Updated on 03/08/2024 by Nell Marie

I recently wrote about the name Thomas about unique nicknames for Thomas and today we’re going to explore 170+ middle names for Thomas.

It’s a great, classic, strong name for any little boy.

He could easily become a Tom or Tommy or keep the name as Thomas.

Since 2020 the name Thomas has ranked at 45 or 46 respectively, which makes it a known name that isn’t too popular, a nice find for a name.

Best middle names for Thomas

  • Thomas Eugene
  • Thomas Arlo
  • Thomas Brooks
  • Thomas Everette
  • Thomas Zane
  • Thomas Xander
  • Thomas Henry
  • Thomas Ethan
  • Thomas James

But we don’t stop there!

Keep reading for loads more middle name options for Thomas!

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middle names for thomas

Middle Names for Thomas

I have broken down the list into categories, in hopes it helps you narrow down a middle name for your son.

You’ll find these categories:

  • Vintage
  • Unique
  • Earthy & Nature-Inspired
  • Biblical
  • Popular
  • Southern-inspired
  • Short

Vintage Middle Names for Thomas

  1. Thomas Albert
  2. Thomas Ambrose
  3. Thomas Archibald
  4. Thomas Bernard
  5. Thomas Clarence
  6. Thomas Clifford
  7. Thomas Elwood
  8. Thomas Eugene
  9. Thomas Everett
  10. Thomas Floyd
  11. Thomas Frederick
  12. Thomas Harvey
  13. Thomas Herbert
  14. Thomas Horace
  15. Thomas Irving
  16. Thomas Leroy
  17. Thomas Lionel
  18. Thomas Reginald
  19. Thomas Roscoe
  20. Thomas Stanley
  21. Thomas Virgil
  22. Thomas Wallace
  23. Thomas Wilfred
  24. Thomas Winston

Unique Middle Names for Thomas

  1. Thomas Cash
  2. Thomas Dash
  3. Thomas Daxton
  4. Thomas Echo
  5. Thomas Everhart
  6. Thomas Finch
  7. Thomas Jett
  8. Thomas Larkin
  9. Thomas Linden
  10. Thomas Mars
  11. Thomas Orion
  12. Thomas Rhett
  13. Thomas Teague
  14. Thomas Thorne
  15. Thomas Valor
  16. Thomas Welsby
  17. Thomas Wilde
  18. Thomas Zade
  19. Thomas Zenith
thomas middle names

Earthy Middle Names for Thomas

  1. Thomas Alder
  2. Thomas Aspen
  3. Thomas Bayou
  4. Thomas Birch
  5. Thomas Birch
  6. Thomas Brook
  7. Thomas Canyon
  8. Thomas Cedar
  9. Thomas Cliff
  10. Thomas Cove
  11. Thomas Cypress
  12. Thomas Everest
  13. Thomas Falcon
  14. Thomas Field
  15. Thomas Forest
  16. Thomas Fox
  17. Thomas Glen
  18. Thomas Hawthorn
  19. Thomas Jasper
  20. Thomas Leaf
  21. Thomas Linden
  22. Thomas Moss
  23. Thomas Moss
  24. Thomas Oak
  25. Thomas Rain
  26. Thomas Reed
  27. Thomas Ridge
  28. Thomas River
  29. Thomas Sky
  30. Thomas Stone
  31. Thomas Talon

Biblical Middle Names for Thomas

  1. Thomas Abner
  2. Thomas Amos
  3. Thomas Asher
  4. Thomas Caleb
  5. Thomas Eli
  6. Thomas Ephraim
  7. Thomas Ezekiel
  8. Thomas Gabriel
  9. Thomas Gideon
  10. Thomas Hezekiah
  11. Thomas Isaiah
  12. Thomas Joel
  13. Thomas Jonah
  14. Thomas Josiah
  15. Thomas Jude
  16. Thomas Levi
  17. Thomas Malachi
  18. Thomas Micah
  19. Thomas Nathaniel
  20. Thomas Reuben
  21. Thomas Samuel
  22. Thomas Seth
  23. Thomas Solomon
  24. Thomas Zechariah
middle names for boys

Popular Middle Names for Thomas

  1. Thomas Alexander
  2. Thomas Andrew
  3. Thomas Anthony
  4. Thomas Benjamin
  5. Thomas Charles
  6. Thomas Christopher
  7. Thomas Daniel
  8. Thomas David
  9. Thomas Edward
  10. Thomas Ethan
  11. Thomas Henry
  12. Thomas Jacob
  13. Thomas James
  14. Thomas Jonathan
  15. Thomas Joseph
  16. Thomas Lucas
  17. Thomas Matthew
  18. Thomas Michael
  19. Thomas Nathaniel
  20. Thomas Nicholas
  21. Thomas Richard
  22. Thomas Robert
  23. Thomas Ryan
  24. Thomas Samuel
  25. Thomas William

Southern-Inspired Middle Names for Thomas

  1. Thomas Atticus
  2. Thomas Beau
  3. Thomas Boone
  4. Thomas Callahan
  5. Thomas Clay
  6. Thomas Collier
  7. Thomas Dalton
  8. Thomas Deacon
  9. Thomas Eldridge
  10. Thomas Everett
  11. Thomas Hayes
  12. Thomas Hiram
  13. Thomas Hollis
  14. Thomas Hollis
  15. Thomas Jedidiah
  16. Thomas Monroe
  17. Thomas Peyton
  18. Thomas Raylan
  19. Thomas Rhett
  20. Thomas Roscoe
  21. Thomas Sawyer
  22. Thomas Tucker
  23. Thomas Walker
  24. Thomas Waylon
  25. Thomas Wyatt
strong middle names for thomas

Short Middle Names for Thomas

  1. Thomas Beau
  2. Thomas Blake
  3. Thomas Brock
  4. Thomas Chase
  5. Thomas Clay
  6. Thomas Cole
  7. Thomas Dean
  8. Thomas Drew
  9. Thomas Finn
  10. Thomas Fox
  11. Thomas Grant
  12. Thomas Jack
  13. Thomas Jax
  14. Thomas Jay
  15. Thomas Jude
  16. Thomas Kai
  17. Thomas Lane
  18. Thomas Luke
  19. Thomas Max
  20. Thomas Ray
  21. Thomas Raye
  22. Thomas Reed
  23. Thomas Scott
  24. Thomas Seth
  25. Thomas Vaughn

Tips for Choosing a Middle Name

Choosing a middle name for your baby can be a delightful but sometimes challenging task.

Here are five tips to help you make a thoughtful and meaningful decision:

Meaning and Significance: Consider choosing a middle name with a special meaning or significance.

It could be a name that honors a family tradition, or cultural background or has a personal meaning to you and your partner.

This adds depth and significance to your child’s name.

Flow and Harmony: Pay attention to the overall flow and harmony of the full name.

Consider how the first name, middle name, and last name sound together.

Opt for a combination that rolls off the tongue smoothly and has a pleasing rhythm.

Initials and Monogram: Check the initials of the full name to make sure they don’t spell anything unintentional or undesirable.

Think about how the initials will look as a monogram, as this might be relevant for personalization on items like clothing or accessories.

Family and Heritage: Explore your family tree and heritage for potential middle names.

Choosing a name with familial or cultural significance can create a sense of connection and tradition.

It’s a way to celebrate your family history and pass down meaningful names through generations.

Consider Length: Keep in mind the length of the middle name, especially in relation to the first and last names.

A middle name that complements the length of the other names can contribute to a balanced and aesthetically pleasing combination.

Remember that the most important thing is to choose a middle name that resonates with you and holds personal meaning.

Take your time, discuss options with your partner, and enjoy the process of selecting a name that will be a part of your child’s identity for a lifetime.

middle names for baby boys

Nursery Art – Free Download

Free download for your little Thomas! A sweet 8×10 nursery art printable. You can download to your computer and print. I’d recommend you have full inks and cardstock paper for the best results. You’ll need Adobe in order to download this PDF.

Wrapping Up Middle Names for Thomas

Selecting the perfect middle name for Thomas is a unique and special job that allows for personal expression and family connections.

Whether you choose a name rooted in meaning, cultural significance, or family tradition, the goal is to create a harmonious and well-balanced combination with the first and last names.

Take the time to explore your family heritage, consider the rhythm and flow of the full name, and ensure that the chosen middle name resonates with both you and your partner.

The process of choosing a middle name for Thomas is an opportunity to infuse your child’s identity with depth and significance, creating a name that will stand the test of time and carry a unique sense of meaning throughout their life.

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