96 Amazing Toddler Activities: Fun for 18 Months+

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This article is about toddler activities that you can partake in with your little one, either indoors, or outdoors!

Having a toddler is an incredible adventure filled with laughter, discovery, and endless joy.

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Spending time with them is not just fun- it’s an enriching experience that fills your heart with warmth and wonder.

There’s something truly magical about seeing the world through a toddler’s eyes.

Everything is new and exciting, from the simplest of activities to the most mundane objects.

A walk to the park becomes a grand exploration, with every leaf, flower, and bug deserving of attention and awe.

Their curiosity knows no bounds, and their boundless energy is contagious.

Keeping them entertained can be a bit of a task- it can be difficult to find ideas every day to keep things fresh and new.

However, there really are endless ideas and that’s where this article comes into play!

I’ve compiled the ultimate list of ideas for indoors and out to keep your little guy or little lady occupied and learning!

So, let’s get to it!

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Toddler Activities

Having a toddler can be exhausting at times, with tantrums, messes, and endless questions.

But amidst the chaos, there’s an abundance of love, laughter, and pure joy.

Their infectious giggles and toothy grins remind us of the simple pleasures in life and the importance of living in the present moment.

Spending time with a toddler is not just about entertaining them; it’s about being fully present, embracing the silliness, and savoring the sweetness of childhood.

It’s about witnessing their growth and development, celebrating their milestones, and marveling at the incredible little humans they are becoming.

In the end, having a toddler is a gift – a daily reminder of the beauty and wonder of life.

So let’s treasure each moment, embrace the messiness, and revel in the pure, unadulterated joy of spending time with these amazing little beings.

indoor toddler activities

Indoor Toddler Activities

Spending time outdoors is a great way to get the energy out, but often we do spend much of our time indoors so finding fun activities to do with our toddlers inside is important.

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Below are 32 indoor activity ideas for toddlers!

  1. Indoor obstacle course using pillows, cushions, and blankets.
  2. Sensory bins filled with rice, beans, or water with toys hidden inside.
  3. DIY musical instrument band using pots, pans, and wooden spoons.
  4. Building forts or tents using blankets and furniture.
  5. Puppet show with homemade puppets or sock puppets.
  6. Dance party with kid-friendly music.
  7. Indoor scavenger hunt with simple items to find around the house.
  8. Balloon volleyball using a soft balloon.
  9. Storytime with interactive books or storytelling sessions.
  10. Indoor gardening with small pots, soil, and seeds.
  11. Play dough or clay sculpting.
  12. Finger painting with non-toxic paints.
  13. Indoor picnic with kid-friendly snacks.
  14. Dress-up and pretend play with costumes and props.
  15. DIY sensory bottles with water, glitter, and small toys.
  16. Sorting and matching activities using household items.
  17. Sticker art on paper or cardboard.
  18. Indoor camping in a makeshift tent with sleeping bags.
  19. Indoor bowling with empty plastic bottles and a soft ball.
  20. Bubble wrap stomping for sensory fun.
  21. Shape tracing with stencils or cookie cutters.
  22. Play kitchen with toy pots, pans, and utensils.
  23. DIY marble run using cardboard tubes and tape.
  24. Balloon rocket race using a straw and string.
  25. DIY cardboard box maze for toy cars or balls.
  26. Indoor mini-golf using cups and a soft ball.
  27. Watercolor painting on thick paper or cardboard.
  28. Bean bag toss into a designated target area.
  29. Indoor hopscotch using masking tape on the floor.
  30. Making and flying paper airplanes.
  31. Building with magnetic tiles or blocks.
  32. Puppet theater using a cardboard box and puppets.

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outdoor toddler activities

Outdoor Toddler Activities

Let’s face it, getting those little ones outdoors can honestly save our sanity. They need to run and play and get all that energy out. This section will help you find fun things to do with your toddler.

Below are 32 outdoor activity ideas for toddlers!

  1. Nature scavenger hunt in the backyard or local park.
  2. Sidewalk chalk art to create colorful masterpieces.
  3. Water balloon toss on a hot day.
  4. Bubble blowing and chasing bubbles.
  5. Outdoor obstacle course using cones, hula hoops, and ropes.
  6. Nature walk to explore and discover different plants and animals.
  7. Sensory nature exploration with sand, water, and mud play.
  8. Birdwatching with binoculars and a bird identification guide.
  9. Outdoor picnics with a blanket and favorite snacks.
  10. Gardening to plant flowers, vegetables, or herbs in pots or a small garden patch.
  11. Outdoor storytime under a shady tree.
  12. Shadow tracing using chalk to outline shadows on the ground.
  13. DIY nature art using leaves, sticks, and flowers.
  14. Outdoor music session with homemade instruments like pots and pans.
  15. Mini sports day with activities like kicking a ball, throwing bean bags, and jumping.
  16. Leaf rubbing to create colorful leaf imprints with crayons and paper.
  17. Water play with a kiddie pool, water table, or sprinkler.
  18. Rock painting and hiding them in the neighborhood for others to find.
  19. Bug hunting with magnifying glasses and bug observation jars.
  20. Outdoor yoga or simple stretching exercises.
  21. Flying kites on a windy day.
  22. Nature sensory bins with sand, rocks, and natural materials.
  23. Outdoor painting with watercolors on large paper.
  24. Building and flying paper airplanes.
  25. Nature-themed scavenger hunts with specific items to find.
  26. Toy car races on a homemade track or driveway.
  27. Outdoor tea party with toy dishes and pretend food.
  28. DIY nature bracelets with yarn and collected items like flowers and leaves.
  29. Balloon tennis using paper plates and balloons.
  30. Outdoor dance party with kid-friendly music.
  31. Nature-inspired sensory bottles with natural items like sand, rocks, and shells.
  32. Outdoor camping or backyard camping with a tent and sleeping bags.

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things for toddlers to do

Sensory Activities for Toddlers

  1. Sensory bins filled with rice, beans, pasta, or water with toys hidden inside.
  2. Touch and feel books with different textures for tactile exploration.
  3. DIY sensory bottles filled with water, glitter, beads, and small toys.
  4. Playdough or clay play for tactile stimulation.
  5. Sensory walks barefoot on different surfaces like grass, sand, and gravel.
  6. Sensory bags filled with hair gel, glitter, or colored water for squishing and squeezing.
  7. Sensory painting using pudding, whipped cream, or shaving cream on a tray.
  8. Sensory treasure hunt with various textures and objects hidden around the house.
  9. Sensory storytelling with props and tactile elements to enhance the story.
  10. Sensory nature exploration with different textures of leaves, rocks, and flowers.
  11. Sensory play with scented playdough or scented markers.
  12. Sensory music sessions with instruments and different sounds to explore.
  13. Sensory bath time with colored bathwater, foam, and bath toys.
  14. Sensory texture collages using different materials like fabric, feathers, and cotton balls.
  15. Sensory taste exploration with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and snacks.
  16. Sensory gardening with soil, seeds, and plants to touch and smell.
  17. Sensory finger painting with pudding, yogurt, or edible paint.
  18. Sensory art using materials like sand, salt, and glitter for texture.
  19. Sensory storytelling with textured books and props related to the story.
  20. Sensory sound exploration with homemade shakers and musical instruments.
  21. Sensory play with kinetic sand or moon sand for molding and shaping.
  22. Sensory water play with different temperatures and textures of water.
  23. Sensory texture walk on different textured surfaces like carpet, tile, and grass.
  24. Sensory taste testing with a variety of foods with different flavors and textures.
  25. Sensory nature hunt with a checklist of textures to find in nature.
  26. Sensory texture matching games with textured cards or objects to match.
  27. Sensory playdough stamping with textured stamps and rolling pins.
  28. Sensory rice bin with hidden objects to find and feel.
  29. Sensory storytelling with a sensory story bag filled with props and objects.
  30. Sensory texture sorting with bins or trays of different materials to sort.
  31. Sensory sound scavenger hunt with a list of sounds to listen for outdoors.
  32. Sensory texture painting with brushes, sponges, and textured surfaces.

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sensory things for toddlers

Free Printables for Toddlers

Need more ideas and help to keep those little ones entertained inside? Check out the free printables below!

100 Printables for toddlers/kids

Worksheets for preschoolers

Dot to Dot printables for toddlers

things for preschoolers to do

Toddler Activities: Wrapping it Up

In wrapping up, whether indoors or outdoors, sensory play is like a secret weapon for toddlers’ growth.

It’s not just about keeping them occupied; it’s about igniting their senses and sparking their curiosity.

From squishing playdough to chasing bubbles outside, these activities are like magic spells, turning everyday moments into unforgettable adventures.

So let’s keep the fun going, embracing the messiness and the laughter, as we watch our little ones learn and explore their world one sensory experience at a time.

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