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13 Free Easter Scavenger Hunt Printables

Last Updated on 03/22/2024 by Nell Marie

This article has free Easter scavenger hunt printables at the end of is, so make sure you read through and collect your freebies!

An Easter Scavenger Hunt is like a treasure hunt but with a festive twist.

It’s a delightful activity where kids get to search for hidden Easter eggs or treats by following clues or solving riddles.

Imagine the joy of a little one’s face as they embark on a quest to discover hidden Easter eggs in the nooks and crannies of their home or backyard.

The excitement begins with the first clue, often a playful rhyme or hint, leading them to the next spot.

Each clue unveils a piece of the puzzle, guiding them closer to the ultimate prize – a basket of colorful Easter eggs, chocolates, or other goodies.

The sheer anticipation of uncovering the next clue and the thrill of being one step closer to the hidden treasures create an atmosphere of joy and adventure.

The hunt not only engages their minds as they decipher clues but also encourages teamwork and collaboration if they are hunting with friends or family.

The magic of an Easter scavenger hunt lies not just in the treats waiting to be discovered but also in the laughter, smiles, and shared moments.

It becomes a cherished memory for children, an annual tradition that adds a sprinkle of magic to the Easter celebrations.

In the end, when the last clue leads them to their Easter basket, the sense of accomplishment and the joy of the hunt culminate in a happy celebration.

It’s a beautiful way to create lasting memories and make Easter a time of joy, laughter, and delightful surprises for children.

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free Easter scavenger hunt printables

Free Easter Scavenger Hunt Printables

A successful Easter scavenger hunt is a blend of creativity, planning, and a touch of mystery.

Here are some tricks of the trade to organize a truly memorable Easter scavenger hunt.

Age-Appropriate Challenges:

Tailor your clues and challenges to the age group of the participants. Younger children might need simpler clues, while older kids can handle more complex riddles.

Themed Decorations:

Create a festive atmosphere by incorporating Easter-themed decorations. Bunnies, chicks, and pastel colors can add a whimsical touch to the hunt.

Hidden Surprises:

Aside from eggs, consider hiding small toys, stickers, or personalized notes in some of the hiding spots to add an extra element of surprise and excitement.

Varied Hiding Spots:

Mix up the hiding spots to keep the hunt interesting. Hide eggs both indoors and outdoors, utilizing various rooms, trees, or garden corners.

Collaborative Clues:

If you have multiple participants, consider creating clues that require collaboration. This fosters teamwork and adds an extra layer of fun to the hunt.

Incorporate Easter Bunny Footprints:

For a whimsical touch, create Easter Bunny footprints using chalk or paper cutouts. Place them strategically to make it seem like the Easter Bunny has hopped around, leaving clues.

Interactive Challenges:

Incorporate fun challenges or activities at each clue location. For example, participants may have to perform a silly dance or answer a riddle before receiving the next clue.

Personalized Clues:

Make the scavenger hunt more special by personalizing clues based on the interests and hobbies of the participants. This adds a thoughtful touch to the experience.

Use Technology:

Consider incorporating technology for older participants. You can create QR codes leading to the next clue or use a smartphone app to make the hunt more interactive.

Time the Hunt:

If you have a group of kids, you can add an element of competition by timing the scavenger hunt. The child or team that completes the hunt in the shortest time can receive a special prize.

Rainy Day Alternatives:

Be prepared with indoor clues or activities in case of bad weather. Make sure your clues and hiding spots are adaptable to both indoor and outdoor settings.

Capture Memories:

Have a designated person take photos or videos of the participants during the hunt. It’s a wonderful way to capture the joy and excitement, and you can share these memories with the participants later.

Remember, the key is to have fun and create an experience that will be remembered fondly.

How to Dye Easter Eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs is a fun and creative activity that you can enjoy with family or friends.

Here’s a basic guide on how to dye Easter eggs using food coloring.

Materials Needed:

  1. Hard-boiled eggs (cooled to room temperature)
  2. White vinegar
  3. Food coloring or egg dye tablets
  4. Water
  5. Cups or bowls for dyeing
  6. Spoons or tongs
  7. Paper towels or newspaper for drying and protecting surfaces
  8. Optional: Stickers, wax crayons, or rubber bands for creating patterns


  1. Prepare the Eggs:
    • Ensure that your hard-boiled eggs are completely cooled to room temperature before dyeing.
  2. Create a Dyeing Station:
    • Cover your work surface with paper towels or newspaper to protect it from spills.
    • Set up cups or bowls for each color you plan to use.
  3. Make the Dye:
    • Fill each cup or bowl with about 1 cup of warm water.
    • Add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to each cup. The vinegar helps the dye adhere to the eggshell.
  4. Add Food Coloring:
    • Add 10-20 drops of food coloring to each cup, adjusting the amount based on how vibrant you want the colors to be. You can mix different colors to create new shades.
  5. Mix the Dye:
    • Use a spoon to mix the water, vinegar, and food coloring thoroughly in each cup.
  6. Dip the Eggs:
    • Using a spoon or tongs, gently lower an egg into the dye, ensuring it is fully submerged. Leave the egg in the dye until you achieve the desired color. The longer it stays in the dye, the deeper the color will be.
  7. Create Patterns:
    • Before dyeing, you can use stickers, wax crayons, or rubber bands to create patterns on the eggs. When you remove them after dyeing, the covered areas will have a different color or remain white.
  8. Remove and Dry:
    • Carefully lift the dyed egg out of the dye using a spoon or tongs.
    • Place the dyed eggs on a paper towel or egg carton to dry. Allow them to dry completely before handling or displaying.
  9. Repeat the Process:
    • Repeat the dyeing process with different colors and patterns for each egg. Get creative and experiment with different combinations!
  10. Display or Decorate:
    • Once the eggs are dry, you can display them in a festive Easter basket, use them for an Easter egg hunt, or get creative with additional decorations.

Remember, the key to a successful egg dyeing experience is to have fun and let your creativity flow.

Feel free to experiment with different colors, patterns, and techniques to make unique and beautiful Easter eggs!

easter egg hunt ideas

13 Easter Egg Rhyming Cards

If you want to do a little Easter scavenger hunt for the Easter basket, full of eggs and goodies, then these free 13 cards will be right up your alley!

Simply click the links below to open up the 8.5×11 inch PDF files. You will need adobe to open and download to your computer. The cards you’ll need to cut out, they’re 4×4 inches in size.

I hope you love them and that your kids have the best time with the scavenger hunt!

easter egg hunt printable
easter egg hunting printable

If you want to tell me how it went, I’d love to know! You can email me anytime. I just adore hearing my reader’s stories of how their little ones enjoy the different printables on my website.

Without further ado, the links as promised!

Egg hunt printable #1

Egg hunt printable #2

Egg hunt printable #3

Egg hunt printable #4

Egg hunt printable #5

easter fun

Easter Egg Hunt – Wrapping it Up

Easter egg hunts for kids are not merely a delightful tradition; they are a source of joy, laughter, and cherished memories.

The excitement of searching for colorful treasures, the thrill of solving clues, and the camaraderie shared with friends and family make these hunts an Easter highlight for children.

These hunts go beyond the simple act of finding eggs; they foster creativity, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment.

The carefully crafted clues, the hidden surprises, and the playful challenges create an atmosphere of wonder and excitement, turning a simple activity into a memorable adventure.

As kids eagerly explore every nook and cranny, their faces light up with joy, and the magic of the Easter season comes alive.

It’s a time when imaginations soar, bonds strengthen, and the spirit of celebration fills the air.

So, whether it’s the annual tradition of a backyard egg hunt or an indoor scavenger hunt filled with riddles, the joy and laughter echoing through these moments make Easter egg hunts an enchanting experience for children.

As they uncover each hidden gem, they’re not just finding eggs – they’re discovering the magic of Easter and creating memories that will be treasured for years to come.

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